Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chanel's Hydra Beauty Sérum

About a week ago I got this little sample of the new Hydra Beauy Sérum by Chanel.
There was a coupon in the last issue of the German Cosmopolitain *yay* 
Obviously I always love getting free samples, especially when it's a high-end product such as this one!
Today I finally got around to testing it, so I thought I'd do a quick review for you guys :)

On the package it says:
 - intense moisture serum for the face
 - protection and radiance booster
 - for all skin types

So this is what I got:
 - a little tube with 5ml / 0.17oz of the serum
 - a small black bag that says Chanel beauté on it
It's not much, but hey it's free :D  Plus the little pouch is kind of cute, I think I'll be using it for jewelry when I'm on a trip or something like that.

OK so here's what I think.
The texture of the serum is very silky and smooth, the skin absorbs it quickly and it definitely makes your skin feel very hydrated.

The serum does smell really nice, too. It contains the essence of the camellia, the flower which used to be Coco Chanel's favourite and can be found in a number of Chanel designs, especially among their jewelry.

In my opinion the Hydra Beauty Sérum is a great product, but personally I would not pay 73€ for only 30ml. That's definitely too much for a college student =)

Have a great day!

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