Monday, May 23, 2011

a touch of pink

This very rarely happens but I just felt like wearing pink :)
Usually I'm really not the type but once every year or so I'm in the mood for something a little girly.
So if you know these days, here's a bit of inspiration to go pink without doing the whole Barbie thing ;)

Whenever I do a pink look, I usually use my MAC Sushi Flower, it's more of a coral than a hot pink and I find it's much more flattering. I start by blending Cork into my crease and then apply Vanilla as a highlight in the inner corner and -just a touch- as a brow highlight. Then I like to apply Sushi Flower - or any pink eyeshadow you have - on the outer two thirds of my lid, close to the lashes, kind of like an eyeliner. Softly blend that into the other colours. But be careful not to bring the pink colour too far in - any red-ish colour in the inner corners of your eyes will probably make you look like you just cried.

Sticking with the pink I chose this powder blush by ALMAY. The colour is pink 140. Again this is a soft pink to avoid looking plastic-y. Just apply it on the apples of your cheek and blend it outwards.

For me, applying highlighter is one of the most important steps of my everyday make-up routine. It helps to define your bonestructure, focusing attention on your cheekbones etc. A soft glow makes your skin look more radiant and healthy! I really like this essence multi colour powder in 01 FLOWER POWER, because with its different colours it looks much more natural than a simple white (or any other light colour) highlighter. Plus it has a nice sheen to it without actually containing glitter. It's a great product!

I find, that when I do a look that has red-coloured eyeshadow in it, mascara is very important to give you a proper contrast. Without that your eyes will look puffy and tiny, same effect as with the pink in the inner corners..So when you apply your mascara you should make sure to really get every lash from the root to get the maximum effect. You could add eyeliner to increase the contrast or - for a more natural look - apply a thin like of grey eyeshadow very close to your lashline, try to wiggle it between the individual lashes to make them look really full.

Here's a collection of my favourite pink lip-products, all of which would go with this look, depending on the exact shade of your eyeshadow. From left to right:

  • L'Oreal Paris: indefectible lipstick - 103 Perma-Pink
  • Bourjois Paris: eau de gloss - 13 rose à l'eau
  • MakeUpFactory: Long Lasting Lipgloss - 52 lily rose
  • Artdeco: Lip Brilliance - 72 brilliant romantic pink
  • MAC: Viva Glam Gaga 
I decided to go with the L'Oreal lip-duo today.

Have a great day and I hope you'll give pink a chance even if you're afraid it might look too girly :)
xo, Lizzy 

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