Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Backstage Ballerina

Kate and me just went for a quick drugstore run and, amongst some other stuff I'll post later, I got two eye soufflé's from essence's ballerina backstage limited collection.


I think these are kind of a cheap version of MAC's paint pots. I can't exactly tell however because I've never tried the paint pots :)

01 dance the swan lake is a matte light base color. In the pot it looks rather pink but when I swatched it it turned out pretty much white. I think this will make a great base to light up eyeshadow colors.
02 pas des copper is a cool bronze. It's very shiny and smoother than the light pink. I guess it can be worn on its own or with any metallic shadow.

I can't wait to try these :)

birds of a feather

Hey girls! How are you today ? =)
Let me show you what I bought today, a cute bracelet and feather earrings, both in a lovely turquoise color.


I picked them both up at the SIX store while waiting for my train on my way home =) Both cost 4.95€.
I really love that color, it's so SUMMER :D

     xo, Lizzy

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MAC Mini Haul and New Shoes

Today I was with a friend of mine in the city after school because I wanted to pick up two things from MAC.
The first thing was MAC's mascara Plush Lash (17.50 €) in black and the Pressed Blot Powder (21.00 €) in medium. I read only good things about those two products and people were really exited about them so I thought I'd try them.

I really like the mascara's brush because it seems to be perfect to create long thick lashes. The formula is a deep rich black and not too wet nor too dry.
The powder's formula is silky smooth and applies evenly. The colour is a muted light beige and thankfully not yellowish.

Furthermore, my friend and I tried on some shoes and I ended up with this pair of beautiful high heels. They are grey and with those elastic bands they are really comfortable for such a height.

I hope you all had a nice Tuesday!
xo, Kate

Koi Shopping & OOTD

I spent the last two weeks helping my mom update our little koi pond. We rearranged the stones and made a little brick wall around the edge so there would fit more water in the pond and the fish would have more room for swimming around etc. We finished on Sunday so today mom wanted to go check out this new koi salesperson she found. We drove up there and after totally getting lost for like 30min we finally found the shop and bought a new little koi :)

Today was really warm! 34°C/94°F. So I skipped foundation, just applied a bit concealer, setting powder and bronzer. For my eyes I only used eyeliners for a simple yet effective way to make my lashes stand out. My feet still hurt a teeny little bit from walking around in my new sneakers all day yesterday so I opted for flip-flops :) I kept my clothes simple, too. A standard black top and a light grey fluffy skirt with those little flowery things ^^

notd: hippie chick

I really wanted to wear this old pair of earrings again, but they don't really go with anything so I decided to make my nails match them :D

I focused on the colorful little slices or whatever, and I think I found three polishes which match them pretty well. But coloring all of my nails like that would have been too much, so I applied a muddy brown on the rest of the nails (all of the nails you can't see are brown as well) and used a shatter nailpolish to tone the crazy color down. On my left ringfinger I applied all three colors in stripes, while on the right hand each color got it's own nail :) Last but not least I covered everything with a shiny top coat.

So these are the nailpolishes I used:
Chanel 505 Particulère
P2 Color Victim 222 Artful
Isadora Graffiti Nail Top 801 Black Tag 
essence Eclipse LE 03 Don't Bite Me - Kiss Me
P2 Color Victim 240 Joyful

I really like wearing shatter polishes because they tend to stay on really long and even if you chip the color it doesn't matter because it's already a messy look so you can just add a drop of polish on the blank spot and the nail's all fixed :)

Have a great day!!
xo, Lizzy

Monday, June 27, 2011

It's a beautiful day!

Usually I'm really more of an autumn/winter person, but today was sooo beautiful, I couldn't resist being happy :) It was about 28°C [92°F] warm, which is more than enough for me and the sky is oh-so blue. Couldn't resist snapping some pictures for you ...

there's sooo many butterflies flying around today!
the guy is cutting grass on the meadow next to our house..
I just LOVE the smell of hay!
I found this cute little hairpiece I used to love as a child,
couldn't resist wearing it :)
my nailpolish actually matched those flowers, haha :D
The colour is 03 don't bite me - kiss me by essence's eclipse LE
the pool is warming up as well...
I think I'll go for the seasons' first swim later if it's not too cold 
OK forget that, it's still way too cold :D

I hope everybody's having a beautiful day, too!!
xo, Lizzy

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lipstick Tag

I found this fun lipstick tag on Kelly's blog and I thought I'd give it a go :)

my current collection =)

1. When you were a child, did you use your mother's lipsticks?
Hm not really, because she doesn't own many and always hides them in her purse :D

2. How old were you when you bought your first lipstick?
I once had one that came with a magazine, loved that one because it was all pink and glittery. But I guess I was about 11 or so when I went to some outlet store with a friend and we bought a bunch of crazy lipsticks for halloween (dark green, gold...).

3. Pink or red lipstick?
Definitely pink. While I do own a couple of red ones and I really like them, I never have the guts to actually wear them =)

4. The most expensive lipstick you have ever bought?
That would be MAC Viva Glam Gaga at 18€.

5. And the cheapest?
I guess something by P2, they cost about 1.95€, can't beat that :)

6. Do you use a lip brush to apply your lipstick?
Nah never. Too much effort :D

7. If you had to recommend a lipstick, which brand would you recommend and why?
I'd say MAC. Viva Glam Gaga has a lustre finish, which is absolutely perfect. I've heard that other finishes can be very dry but this one isn't at all. Plus the coverage is just amazing, soo opaque! I also really like the KIKO lipstick I just bought two weeks ago.

I'd love to hear about your lipstick favourites! Tell me in the comments or link up to your blog. Tag, you're it!! :)
xo, Lizzy

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Shoes ♥

Yesterday after class my mom and me went shoe shopping. She needed some pumps and I was looking for more elegant sneakers. I ended up getting some by SPM and cute ballet flats decorated with zippers and studs by Dockers.

Friday, June 24, 2011


We just posted that Kate and me went out dancing last night, however I still had class this morning, which means I barely got 3 hours of sleep tonight. Plus the weather has been really annoying, the reports always say that it's gonna rain but then the day ends up being really warm and sticky.. So I wanted my outfit to be quick, comfy and layered. This is what I came up with...

Elements of my outfit: [from top left to bottom right]

I got this charm necklace by Fossil from Amazon about a year ago. I really like the little key, reminds me of Tiffany's, however it's a lot cheaper. So until I can afford the real deal, I like this alternative :)
I really like Mustang clothing, especially shoes and belts!
Today was definitely one of those *put on shades so no one notices how beat you look* days :) I picked this pair up at a drugstore last summer.
Today I'm wearing the colour 249 dangerous by P2 [better pic].
Make Up
Obviously I didn't want to spend a lot of time on my make up today, so I just focused on concealing my dark circles, highlighting the inner corners of my eyes and applying a shimmery light shadow with a teeny bit of brown eyeliner. 
I'm wearing a pale pink top by Laura Scott. I really like the lacy edge and the subtle colour. I paired it with a black cardigan from the Denim Essentials line by Tchibo. I like this one because it has a lot of buttons and when closed the double edge becomes kind of flouncy :)
For classes I usually use my trusted studded bag. It's not real leather and by no particular brand, and even though it's probably soon gonna start to fall apart I still really like it. It has the perfect size because it can easily fit a folder or two and a bottle of water and everything else I usually carry :)
Today I decided to go with my trusted Chucks because I was anticipating bad weather, I have to walk quite a bit when going to my classes and they're so super comfy :) This model [photo] was from the Converse Red line a few years back.
I really really like Jeans by AJC by Arizona. For some reason they pretty much always fit me =) I just got this pair two weeks ago because I like the slightly destroyed look and its washed out colour.

Dance The Night Away

Don Omar - Danza Kuduro ♪♫

We just love that song! When we went to go see Fast Five and it started to play we just looked at each other and went like 'awesome song' at the same time :D So when this was the first song we danced to last night, it was a perfect way to start a fun night out!

Haha it's so hard to get good-looking photos of a night out! The first one we took in the parking area of the club we went to, the second photo is from a stop we made on our way home and the third one was taken from one of the photographers when we were just about to leave. That was after a few hours of dancing.. :D

Happy Friday ladies!
xo, Kate and Lizzy

Thursday, June 23, 2011

NOTD: purple and glitter

I really should be doing some stuff for my classes but I ended up painting my nails in anticipation of going out tonight :D This is a little bit crazy and colourful but I just felt like doing something 'out there'!

So these are the colours I used.
1) Maybelline NY Express Finish Diamonds Mauve Diamonds  
74 Kabuki
2) essence nail art special topper 03 hello holo  
    Manhattan Lotus Effect
3) essence 50's fever 01 love me tender
4) OPI Katy Perry Collection The One That Got Away
5) essence 14 Dress To Party

I switched it up on the other hand, didn't want it symmetrical :)

MAC Seasonally Supreme

Today I was reading my daily "blog-list" and I stumbled about some interesting news. MAC's Sheen Supreme Lipsticks seem to be very popular and because of that MAC is planning to launch a limited edition with some new shades. I think the new shades are gorgeous and I really hope this limited edition will be available in Germany, too. I already have Full Speed from the original range and I love the colour as well as the amazing texture.

photo credit

There will be 12 new shades at the price of 18,00 € here in Europe.

Supremely Confident Pale nude (Cream)

Happy Hibiscus Creamy white pink (Frost)

Bare Again Pinky neutral beige (Cream)

Tea Ceremony Neutral beige pink (Cream)

Sheer Mandarin Mid-tone yellow orange (Cream)

Supreme Style Light coral pink with pearl (Frost)

Fashion City Neutral coral pink (Cream)

Insanely It Watermelon pink (Cream)

Blossom Culture Soft pink with pearl (Frost)

Royal Azalea Bright mid-tone pink (Cream)

Korean Candy Bright orange-red (Cream)

Asian Flower Creamy lavender (Cream)

photo credit

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gimme Some Pie

I guess Germany is really more of a cake nation. I've never had actual pie. But ever since I first saw Pushing Daisies I've been wanting to try one of those oh-so-yummy looking pies!

So today I finally did it: I made my very first pie!
I used a recipe I found online but only made half the amount and used raspberries instead of blueberries =) And oh-my-God it was soo delicious!! Raspberries are my favourite fruit and with the cinnamon they tasted so amazing! I'm so gonna try this again, soon! I love pie! :D

Here's my little pie [obviously I should have made a photo after trying the first piece^^], I'm so proud! Haha, well I think it turned out quite okay for a first try!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

...that's different.

So I've been browsing through the Polyvore pictures, just looking for cool things, waiting for inspiration to strike, and I stumbled across these two ..

hot topic / urban outfitters

Um... yea. Is it just me or are these really weird? I mean, I'm all for trying new things but this is a bit too much for me.. Especially the pink/zebra 80's flashback leggins :)
How about you, would you wear pants like these??

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Rain

< Those raindrops are fallin' on my head, they keep fallin' >

photo credit

I love the rain! There's nothing like it.. When everyone else starts to complain about the cold and soggy weather, that's when I start to feel really good. - Go figure :)

5 Reasons why rain is awesome:
The sound. I just love lying in bed, listening to the raindrops on my windows, that's incredibly soothing.
The smell. Go outside right after it stops raining, the air is soo fresh! And it smells like.. summer :)
The cool-down. I really hate being too warm. Now when it's raining though, everything cools down to the perfect comfort level.
The colour-scheme. During the rain everything looks so pretty! Greens are more vibrant and the sky takes on the most amazing colours ranging from dark greys to vivid blues..
The water. Obviously. Isn't it just amazing when there's rain after a couple of dry days/weeks and suddenly all the plants are so alive again?!

Don't hate the rain, embrace it!! :D
xo, Lizzy

so much to do - so little time

This weekend should have been filled with reading assignments and essays, however I've not been in the mood at all this week.. So much to do for my classes this semester, it's crazy! That is why I haven't posted anything in a few days, but I'm working on a few looks and ideas right now, they'll be up a.s.a.p., I promise! :) Meanwhile, let me show you these 2 cute necklaces I picked up a while back, both are rather long and I've really been enjoying them! 

I got both of them at SIX and they cost 5.95€/6.95€ - I think, didn't keep the receipt.

I hope you're more motivated than me to do your work :)
xo, Lizzy

Friday, June 17, 2011

Red Coral

Happy Friday!
This is the last of my KIKO purchases, and my favourite so far :)
The Sunproof Lipstick SPF 15 in 05 Red Coral.

The packaging:
You get 2g / 0.07oz. of lipstick in a pretty, shiny, golden tube.

The prize
One tube of the Sunproof Stylo costs 7.50€.

The result
From KIKO's website:
     Lips moist, protected, immersed in full comfort. The glossy finish gives a slight
     effect of volume. The bright colors highlight the tan.
I have to agree! The lipstick has a great texture which feels very moisturizing, almost like a lipbalm. It applies glossy yet opaque and I definitely love the colour!

In total:
I absolutely adore this lipstick! The colour is a perfect coral and it has a nice texture. I also love the fact that it has SPF 15, ideal for summertime!

Enjoy your start in the weekend!!
xo, Lizzy

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shades Of Grey

Hey Girls!
Let me tell you something about the Avio Multicolour eyeshadow, part 4/5 of my KIKO haul.

The packaging
With 1.8g / 0.06 oz. the KIKO eyeshadows come in a rather large box, which looks nice with the matt bottom and shiny lid.

The prize
This eyeshadow sells at 5.90€.

The result
KIKO's website promises:
This type of eyeshadow always gives a bright and light result which is very easy to achieve.
As with all baked eyeshadows they don't really apply very opaque, however this colour is absolutely gorgeouswith a purple undertone in the grey and blue as well as red-ish shimmer particles. It can be beautifully layered with other grey shadows or black.

In total:
The colour of this eyeshadow is very beautiful however it is not that opaque and you need to pack on quite a lot of it. There was quite a bit of fallout so you need to be careful and definitely wear a good base.

xo, Lizzy

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blend It, Baby!

Hi Girls, 
this is part 3 of my KIKO review series, today: the blending brush 'Eyes 200'

The brush:
This blending brush is about 16.5cm/6.5in long, which is exactly right for a soft touch when you hold it at the end. The bristles themselves are 2cm/0.8in long, perfect for blending.

The prize:
I paid 9.90€ for this blending brush, which is a fair prize, considering MAC's 222 Tapered Brush costs 25.00€ and I think there's really not much of a difference between the two.

The result:
KIKO says:
The precious quality of natural bristles - elastic and perfectly calibrated- united in the cone-shaped, compact hairs, allows you to blend the eyeshadow with precision, creating a perfect shadow along the eyelid fold.
This is definitely a great brush! The bristles are compact and allow an even result. It seems to be of a good quality and comparable to more high-end expensive brushes.

In total:
In my opinion this brush was definitely a good purchase. Brushes are an investment, so they're worth a little more sometimes, but if you can get good quality without paying crazy prizes that's even better, isn't it?

I hope this was useful for some of you and thanks for reading our blog!
xo, Lizzy

First Class

Take That - Love Love 
[featured in the credits]

Today we went to finally see X-Men First Class! Both of us have loved the previous films so we were really excited to see Charles' and Eric's past. It was fun, us being two of about 5 girls in the whole theatre, surrounded by .. well lets call them nerdy boys. That happens to us quite a lot actually, well .. we like action movies :)

via: Erik/Charles

In short, this film marks the beginning of the X-men saga by showing where both Xavier and Magneto come from. We watch them discover their powers and learn to control them. They meet, become allies, friends and in the end opponents. X-Men First Class features a lot of new muntants [Havok, Banshee, Azazel..] as well as ones we know from the original series [Beast, Mystique..]. The storyline intertwines with historical events of the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Obviously it differs from the truth when mutants intervene but it's still nice to have those fictional characters embedded into a real story. They also did a great job using original footage of JFK in the movie, as you might have seen in the trailer.

We think that this is a really good film! We liked the original series but compared to the X-men Origins, especially this one now, it seems a bit sappy and superficial. In the Origins movies you get to know the characters better and understand why they do what they do. We both really like that in a movie.
X-Men First Class is a great mix of action sequences, fun scenes and emotional elements. It seems a bit cheesy to say so but this film is a lot deeper than the first ones. The effects, camera et cetera are obviously top of the line, all the actors are well chosen and the soundtrack/score is fantastic.

All in all, definitely a film worth watching!
xo, Lizzy & Kate