Friday, June 3, 2011

Peachy Keen

I love everything peach!
Peach blush, peach clothes, peach ice-tea and of course peach nailpolish :)
So ever since I first saw it I've been fascinated by Chanel's Orange Fizz.


I do have Chanel nailpolishes (2 so far) and they are fantastic! But still, expensive. So today after class I went to go buy it when I realized I was about 70cents short.. Of course I was totally bummed and figured I'd come back later. That's when I passed the Catrice display and stumbled across the lovely colour I scream peach! which looks verrry similar to orange fizz ( dupe ?!). Plus there were a few other lovely colours I liked so I decided to wait and get the Chanel polish next month, if I still want it, and bought the following Catrice shades instead:

numbers from left to right: 470 / 170 / 520 / 060

470 Snow Motion!
Pretty much just white. Really opaque though, which can be a rare quality in white polish. The texture is rather thick which gives good coverage but can be a bit tricky to apply.

170 I Scream Peach!
Lovely coral shade which applies very smoothly and gives almost opaque coverage with the first coat. 

520 Apropos Apricot
Soft orange with smooth texture. You do need 2 coats but then it looks great! 

060 Mona Lisa Is Staring Back
Beige neutral colour with golden shimmer and a pink-ish undertone. Lovely nude shade! Looks great with either 1 or 2 coats, depending on how opaque you like your nailpolish.

Huh, the colours look so much better in real life.. and I just shortened my nails last night.. bad time to take a photo I guess :D

Since I only payed about half of the Chanel polish's price on these four I stopped by the jewelry/accessory store next door and bought two pairs of silver stud earings. I pretty much only wear studs these days, because everything else is just so annoying after a while =) And I prefer them to be real silver because it doesn't irritate your skin so you can pretty much just leave them in. They're not even that expensive, I paid 4,95€ for the bows and 5,95€ for the flowers. I think they're both really cute!

I am definitely very happy with my new things, especially because I got 4 nailpolishes + 2 pairs of studs for only 20,86€ when the one polish alone would have cost me 22,95€. What a nice way to start the weekend - I hope you enjoy yours!
xo, Lizzy

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  1. Snow Motion! hab ich auch zu Hause liegen :D
    Vor zwei Tagen erst gekauft. :)