Saturday, July 30, 2011

Catrice Lipsticks

A few days ago I bought some Catrice lipsticks when I was in the city again and I wanted to show them to you. I picked up three Ultimate Colour Lipsticks in 120 Call the Ambulance, 140 Pinker Bell, 060 Oh, Juicy! and one Ultimate Shine Lipstick in 080 Corallicious Pink.

click to enlarge
I really like the Catrice lipsticks. They cost each 3.99 € and have mostly good textures and a good colour payoff. They last (for me) around 2.5/3 hours. The texture is not too slippy but also not too solid. There is of course no comparison to MAC or other high end lip products but all in all I like Catrice lipsticks the most among the drugstore lipsticks.

click to enlarge
What do you think about the Catrice lipsticks? What's your favourite shade?

xo, Kate

shoes :D

This afternoon I walked by this shoe-store with a big fat sign that said clearance sale, so I couldn't help but go in :) I had my brother with me and he was totally annoyed, obviously, but I just had to see what they had left. The store was pretty chaotic, but I did manage to find these cute heels:

I had been looking for beige / nude heels and these are super comfy even though the heels are 10cm / 4inches high. I can't wait for the weather to improve, so I can wear these out!

xo, Lizzy

NOTD: Disco Queen

A couple of days ago I picked up this cool purple glitter polish and I finally got around to putting it on =)

 p2 colorVictim nailpolish  271 bombastic!
essence nail art special effect! topper 01 it's purplicious

FOTD: Golden Tan

I really enjoyed the make-up I wore to class yesterday, so I decided to recreate it for you  :)

On my eyes:
Artdeco Eyeshadow Base
MAC Eyeshadow Cork
Urban Decay loose pigment X
Maybelline New York EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner 02 Brown
Manhattan Go 4 Big Lashes Mascara
I applied quite a lot of Cork along my crease and then packed on X all over my lid. After blending that out I added a thin line of the gel liner, wiggling it between my lashes, and then put on a bit more of the gold to really make it shine. Last but not least I curled my lashes and applied mascara.

On my face:
p2 deep water love aqua splash duo bronzer 010 sun kissed
MAC Powder Blush My Highland Honey
MNY My Blush 701 Golden Bronzer
p2 My Flower Hour Kiss But Don't Tell Lipstick 010 Shimmery Mauve
I used a matte bronzer on my cheeks and along my hairline, then I added blush on the apples of my cheeks and finally used the gold as a highlighter, blended into the blush. On my lips I'm wearing kiss but don't tell, a nice soft mauve that adds color and sheen witout standing out too much.

Hope you like it!
♥, Lizzy

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Catrice and MAC

Today I was in the city to pick up a present for a friend of mine, who is having a birthday party on Friday and I bought some other things I wanted to show you.

First of all I bough two beautiful mono eyeshadows from Catrice, 130 Sitting On A Volcano and 230 Where Is My Caddy-Li-Lac. I love the names of Catrice eyeshadows! :D

The left colour is 130 Sitting On A Volcano and the right one is 230 Where Is My Caddy-Li-Lac. Both eyeshadows are supersoft and easy to apply, the colour-payoff of Sitting On A Volcano is good, Where Is My Caddy-Li-Lac is more sheer! Sitting On A Volcano is a warm grey with a plum undertone and Where Is My Caddy-Li-Lac is a very subtle silvery lilac.

left: direct sunlight - right: artificial light

The next thing I bought is the Catrice Lash Plus Intensive Lash Growth Serum. I really don't know if it works or not and first I wanted to buy the L'Oreal one because everyone is so thrilled by it. But if this one doesn't work I'm gonna buy the L'Oreal one. ;)

Then I bought two nailpolishes by Catrice, 420 Dirty Berry and 300 Be My Millionaire.  

left: flash - right: no flash

 Dirty Berry is a lilac shade with silver micro glitter which looks very subtly like a holo glitter, but only in direct sunlight and Be My Millionaire is a silvery grey shade with a purple undertone. Both very pretty nailpolishes! :)

click for larger picture
The last thing I bought is a MAC blush, Fleur Power. I stood there at the MAC counter for what felt like eternity before picking a shade. They are all so pretty! But then I chose Fleur Power and I'm really happy with it. The shade is beautiful and has incredible colour payoff!

What are your favourite blush shades by MAC?

xo, Kate

Saturday, July 23, 2011

FOTD: Candy Yum Yum Lips

It's not MAC Candy Yum Yum [sadly! :D] but it's similar - P2 True Explosion Lipstick Pencil Intensive Pink! And I love it! ;)

xo, Kate

Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box Look 2: Purple Haze

 I used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Grifter all over the eyelid and beneath my lower lashes
Urban Decay Flash on my eyelid and beneath my lower lashes
Urban Decay Oil Slick above Flash in a crescent
Manhattan Fluidline in black
Essence Multi Action Smokey Eyes Mascara

xo, Kate

coming up

We decided on doing a four-part make-up series inspired by ABC family's Pretty Little Liars. We both really like the show and especially the girls' styles.

Their make-up is pretty much all in the same color scheme and has a similar smokey look to it, but in detail each girl has her signature look. We will each be doing two of those, showing you how to create them.

This should be really fun! *getting excited*
Have a fantastic weekend!
xo, Lizzy & Kate

Friday, July 22, 2011

#5 cook together

To kick off the weekend we decided to cook together tonight.
We both love asian food so we settled on creating a shrimp sauce for our spaghetti.

This is fairly simple and quick, peeling the shrimp takes the most time so if you've got pre-peeled ones you're done in 20min. We cut up some carrots, peppers, chili, ginger and garlic and put in some sprouts. Heat up the garlic, ginger and chili and then throw in the rest of the vegetables. After a while add the peeled shrimp and then pour in some coconut milk and red curry paste. Mix it all up and add spices. That's it!

Super easy and super tasty! :)


It's really fun to cook with and for friends!

xo, Kate and Lizzy

P2 Copacabana and Walk of Fame

Hey lovelies!

Yesterday I bought two great summery lipsticks and I just wanted to swatch them for you!
Both are Pure Colour Lipsticks from P2 and cost each 1.95 € I think. :D
The quality is really good for this price, of course it's nothing like MAC or other high-end brands but I like the colour range of the P2 lipsticks and they are great if you like some variety and you don't want to spend 18 € on only one lipstick.

The colours I bought are 059 Copacabana and 142 Walk of Fame. Copacabana is a coral pink with an orange undertone and Walk of Fame is a vividly coloured reddish pink. Copacabana isn't as longlasting as Walk of Fame and a bit more difficult to apply as the colour doesn't apply evenly and you can sometimes see it bleeding into your lip wrinkles, but I love them both!

I know, in the first picture they look almost identical, but I can assure you, they are not! :D And in the second picture they look just not as bright as in real life, I'm sorry for that. Today my camera just wouldn't get the colours right. :(

Well, I hope you give them a try, some of the colours P2 has are really gorgeous!
Have a nice day. :)

xo, Kate

Thursday, July 21, 2011

something a little different

We've been doing a couple of NOTD looks using the stampy set by essence and a friend of ours [ Lisa-Kristina :D ] asked us to do a little how-to, so here it goes:

Basically you need three things to create a look like the ones we've been showing you [see here or here]:
♣ image plate ♣ scraper ♣ stamp ♣
The process takes a little practice but it is fairly easy, so we'll show you how to do it in 6 easy steps.

1 apply your favourite nailpolish as a base color and let it dry completely
2 pick a well pigmented and not too runny nailpolish and apply a little bit of it on the design of your choice
3 remove excess polish using the scraper, this takes some practice so you leave the right amount left on the plate
4 roll the stamp over the design [press it on] to transfer the polish onto it
5 now stamp the image onto your nail using a gentle rolling motion
6 after the design has dried, apply your favourite top coat over it and you're done! :)

♣ you may want to clean the stamp, plate and scraper with polish remover after every nails
♣ this generally works better with darker colors
♣ for beginners it's easier to start with smaller designs, not the ones that cover the whole nail
♣ some designs may be more difficult to work with than others, but they may also vary with different polishes so just keep on experimenting

We've been sitting here for about 4 hours now, playing around with different color combinations, stamp designs et cetera :D
This is what the desk looked like in between.^^

We hope you give this method a try, it's really fun and allows you to create cool nail designs!

xo, Lizzy and Kate

Lt. Nyota Uhura

Yea I'm a geek sometimes :)
A few days ago, I rewatched Star Trek on BluRay with my little brother, and I couldn't help but love Zoe Saldana's eyeliner, so I decided I'd give it a try.

She's wearing very obvious winged out eyeliner and dark bronze eyeshadow. The rest of her make-up is rather simple and her lips match the eyeshadow. I guess these specific colors look best when you have dark skin but that doesn't mean you can't make this look work for any other skin tone. In my case I went a few shades lighter, more into a gold, to get a similar effect.

I used MAC's Arena all over my lid and then applied the various shades from my MakeUpFactory quad [#12] to create dimension. Using my favourite eyeliner brush by essence and some black gel liner by Alverde, I created a winged line which starts all the way in the inner corner of my eye and goes out a bit lower than the usual end-of-the-eyebrow line..

On the rest of my face I used the Manhattan Luxoplolis bronzing powder and a bit of essence's shimmer powder sparkling dawn from the moonlight collection. I'm also wearing the MaxFactor lipstick in cinder and I dabbed on a bit of Corail Safran from Pierre Ricaud over it to darken the look and cover some of the extensive shine :)

Tip: For Uhura's hairstyle, gather all of you hair in a very high ponytail and then move it up an extra inch or two. Seriously, mine is pretty damn high up there and it's still nowhere near hers :)

xo, Lizzy

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SBT Skin Biology Therapy

About two weeks ago, these three products were sent to me for testing and now I want to tell you lovelies about it =)

The SBT Skin Biology Therapy series was developed by a Swiss dermatologist and none of their products contain any perfume or silicone. These are very high-end products and they're pretty expensive, which is why I'm still completely amazed that I got to test them for free! [made possible by Konsumgöttinnen]

Cell Culture Face Care │ mask
75 ml / 2.5 FL.OZ. - 69.00€
You apply the mask on your face, wait for about 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off with water. Don't forget to wash it off because the mask is very rich and it's probably going to cause breakouts if you leave it on. The mask leaves your skin very smooth, moisturized and rosy. Also my pores seem a bit smaller and I've only used it twice so far :)

Cell Culture Face Cleansing │ milk
50ml / 1.7 FL.OZ. [Testing size, full size would be 200ml - 35.00€]
Basically this is just your standard mild cleansing milk. I usually don't use them because I prefer washing my face with gel or something. But I still really like this because it's also very hydrating, so I've actually used it after washing my face to give my skin some moisture. You can use this the regular way, with a tissue or cotton pad, or you can apply it to your face -dry or moist- and then remove it with water. It also works as a eye make-up remover.

Cell Culture Eye Care │ serum
15 ml / 0.5 FL.OZ. - 72.00€
My favourite :) The serum is very silky and light, so it feels great when you apply it around your eyes in the morning and/or evening. I love that it's absorbed by the skin in less than a minute so you don't have to wait for it if you want to apply other products or make-up afterwards. This serum is just awesome because it gives a lot of moisture to the senstive eye-area skin!

In total these products are all really really good, but I didn't expect anything else for that prize. I can really recommend these to anyone who can afford them :)

xo, Lizzy

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

playing with colors

I just felt like doing something colorful =)
Obviously I did not wear this out but I really enjoy the color-combo and I will definitely try to work out a day-time look!

eyeshadows (clockwise)
   MAC Dare To Wear ZINGY
   P2 Oriental Lounge 040 flying carpet
   MANHATTAN Multi Effect Eyeshadow 65Q VIOLET
   essence Moonlight Collection 02 into the night
   essence Moonlight Collection 01 live forever
   essence Crystal Eyeliner 08 angel's eyes

I really had fun playing with the purple and blue eyeshadows to create this peacocky look :)
, Lizzy

Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box Look 1: Baked Goodness

I used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Half Baked all over the eyelid and beneath my lower lashes
Urban Decay YDK in the inner corners of my eyes
Urban Decay Twice Baked in my crease
Essence Eyeliner Pen in black
Essence Multi Action Smokey Eyes Mascara

xo, Kate