Saturday, July 30, 2011

Catrice Lipsticks

A few days ago I bought some Catrice lipsticks when I was in the city again and I wanted to show them to you. I picked up three Ultimate Colour Lipsticks in 120 Call the Ambulance, 140 Pinker Bell, 060 Oh, Juicy! and one Ultimate Shine Lipstick in 080 Corallicious Pink.

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I really like the Catrice lipsticks. They cost each 3.99 € and have mostly good textures and a good colour payoff. They last (for me) around 2.5/3 hours. The texture is not too slippy but also not too solid. There is of course no comparison to MAC or other high end lip products but all in all I like Catrice lipsticks the most among the drugstore lipsticks.

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What do you think about the Catrice lipsticks? What's your favourite shade?

xo, Kate

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