Thursday, July 7, 2011

cutest little package

A few days ago I ordered some books and today the first one arrived. And I thought it was just the cutest thing ever! 
The book I recieved today is Moonlighting by Kate Lace. I really like little black dress books, this is already my 7th one and I ordered two more^^ If you don't know them they're really nice romantic stories :)
So anyway, about the package: I ordered this on Amazon marketplace and I really love that it came in this traditional little envelope, instead of the usual generic Amazon carton. The return adress and the note that it's a book are written by hand and the stamps have flowers on them. It's just all so charming and delightful - I can't help imagining an old lady putting these packages together =) Aditionally there's a free bookmark with a kitten on it :D But the cutest thing of them all is that the little clip has little hearts on it's wings, so adorable!! This totally made my day :)

I hope the book keeps up with my expectations, I've never read anything by Kate Lace before. Have you?
I'm not worried though, I've liked all the LBD books so far :)
Have a fantastic day!!
xo, Lizzy

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