Friday, July 1, 2011

L'Oréal Sublime Mousse

I've been dyeing my own hair for years. Frankly I just don't see why I should pay a whole bunch of money if all I want is one simpe dark color all over. I know it's different for blondes or girls with highlights, but I just don't need "professional help" =)
I used to always try new colors from different brands but for the last 5 or so times I've stuck to the L'Oréal Sublime Mousse. I usually don't like using the same product over and over again but in this case I'm glad to make an exeption.
So when I renewed my color last weekend, I took a few pictures and thought I'd do a little review for you. So here goes:

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The color I use is number 40 pure dark brown. I really like it because it's nothing flashy, just a basic natural color. In the sun you can see a red-ish undertone. It's really flattering!
These are the colors available in this line:
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I think they are all really pretty!
OK so this is how it all works:

The kit comes with
- Developer (big bottle)
- Colorant (little pink bottle)
- Conditioner (flat bottle)
- Foam pump
- Gloves
- Instruction guide

So of course you start with the usual stuff: protecting your clothes, putting on the gloves... Then you start to mix the color by pouring the colorant into the developer bottle.
I really like that this colorant is liquid! I remember other brands where it was more of a paste that you have to squeeze out of a tube [and you're never able to get all of it].
Now screw the foam pump onto the developer bottle and mix the liquids by gently rotating the bottle a couple of times - no shaking, the manual is very clear on that.
Pump two or three times until you have some foam into your hand, then start to massage it into your hair, starting at the roots then working downwards from there :)

The amazing thing is that it really looks, feels and smells just like a shampoo. It's very easy to apply! And really, it does not at all smell like ammonia or any of that nasty stuff.
You leave the foam on for 30 minutes. During that time it kind of dissolves and dries up a bit :) Then you just wash it out with warm water and use the conditioner from the kit, and you're done.

Before and After pictures =)
You can see that my roots are naturally a lighter ash brown so when they start to show my hair looks even thinner than in already is. [In a more natural perspective my scalp doesn't show as much as in that last photo ^^]

In total,
I really really love the Sublime Mousse. It's the best DIY coloration I've tried - and I've tried quite a few! The foam application is just so convenient and easy, the nasty smell is gone and the color result is lovely.

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