Monday, July 18, 2011

M ♥ Sexy Plexi

Okay I know, stupid name. But bear with me for a sec.

This is absolutely awesome for everybody, like me, who's been fascinated by the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks, but has been scared off by the prize. In the new Manhattan LE "M ♥ Sexy Plexi" there's the High Shimmer Powder which, I think, is an excellent dupe for the shimmer brick in rose! And it only costs 6.95€.
Dare I say awesome? Yes I do :D

This is really very very shimmery and will make for a fantastic highlighter/blush. I really like that it has 5 different colors so you can either mix them together or use a small brush to use the single colors on their own.

I love this :)
♥, Lizzy

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