Friday, July 22, 2011

P2 Copacabana and Walk of Fame

Hey lovelies!

Yesterday I bought two great summery lipsticks and I just wanted to swatch them for you!
Both are Pure Colour Lipsticks from P2 and cost each 1.95 € I think. :D
The quality is really good for this price, of course it's nothing like MAC or other high-end brands but I like the colour range of the P2 lipsticks and they are great if you like some variety and you don't want to spend 18 € on only one lipstick.

The colours I bought are 059 Copacabana and 142 Walk of Fame. Copacabana is a coral pink with an orange undertone and Walk of Fame is a vividly coloured reddish pink. Copacabana isn't as longlasting as Walk of Fame and a bit more difficult to apply as the colour doesn't apply evenly and you can sometimes see it bleeding into your lip wrinkles, but I love them both!

I know, in the first picture they look almost identical, but I can assure you, they are not! :D And in the second picture they look just not as bright as in real life, I'm sorry for that. Today my camera just wouldn't get the colours right. :(

Well, I hope you give them a try, some of the colours P2 has are really gorgeous!
Have a nice day. :)

xo, Kate

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