Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SBT Skin Biology Therapy

About two weeks ago, these three products were sent to me for testing and now I want to tell you lovelies about it =)

The SBT Skin Biology Therapy series was developed by a Swiss dermatologist and none of their products contain any perfume or silicone. These are very high-end products and they're pretty expensive, which is why I'm still completely amazed that I got to test them for free! [made possible by Konsumgöttinnen]

Cell Culture Face Care │ mask
75 ml / 2.5 FL.OZ. - 69.00€
You apply the mask on your face, wait for about 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off with water. Don't forget to wash it off because the mask is very rich and it's probably going to cause breakouts if you leave it on. The mask leaves your skin very smooth, moisturized and rosy. Also my pores seem a bit smaller and I've only used it twice so far :)

Cell Culture Face Cleansing │ milk
50ml / 1.7 FL.OZ. [Testing size, full size would be 200ml - 35.00€]
Basically this is just your standard mild cleansing milk. I usually don't use them because I prefer washing my face with gel or something. But I still really like this because it's also very hydrating, so I've actually used it after washing my face to give my skin some moisture. You can use this the regular way, with a tissue or cotton pad, or you can apply it to your face -dry or moist- and then remove it with water. It also works as a eye make-up remover.

Cell Culture Eye Care │ serum
15 ml / 0.5 FL.OZ. - 72.00€
My favourite :) The serum is very silky and light, so it feels great when you apply it around your eyes in the morning and/or evening. I love that it's absorbed by the skin in less than a minute so you don't have to wait for it if you want to apply other products or make-up afterwards. This serum is just awesome because it gives a lot of moisture to the senstive eye-area skin!

In total these products are all really really good, but I didn't expect anything else for that prize. I can really recommend these to anyone who can afford them :)

xo, Lizzy

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