Monday, July 4, 2011

Under The Sea

 When I thought about how to call this look,
this song immediately popped into my head... I can't get it out of there! 
*darling it's better down where it's wetter*
I just love how he sings this with a Jamaican accent :D

So I started out wanting a blue look to match those blue nails of mine, but when I rummaged through my eyeshadow stash I stumbled across a few colors I just had to use, so this ended up being a lot lighter and more vibrant than I intended it at first. I really like this though :)

I wouldn't really wear something this intense for a normal day-time look but I think the color combination is really gorgeous so I'd give it a try, in a toned down version :)

So these are all the products I used: 

Photo 1:
     Yves Rocher : Blush Naturel - 11 Teint Clair Abricoté
     Sally Hansen : 18 Hour Lip Treatment - Clear Nude

Photo 2:
     Glitz+Glam : Mono Eyeshadow - Lift your spirit
          I only used this to highlight the inner corners of my eyes, just a little dab.
     MakeUpFactory : Eye Colors - 04 [I used the lightest color "Zinc White"]
          Also for highlighting the inner corners and as a brow highlight.
     Artdeco : Eyeshadow - 79 pearly steel blue [the darkest one]
          I used this color to create a smokey shadow along my crease and the outer 
            end of my eyelids.
     MAC : Dare To Wear collection - Zingy
          This I applied right on the center of my lid and smudged it in between the top 
             lashes a bit.
Photo 3:
     Artdeco Eyeshadow Base
     Eyeliners as swatched in photo 4
            [swatches from left to right as listed]
            forgot to put these in the same order =)

Photo 4:
     Manhattan : M collection Kohl Kajal Eyeliner - Smokey Blue
          I used this to line my upper lashes and wing it out a little bit.
     Artdeco : Soft Eye Liner waterproof - 23 cobalt blue
          Smudged this in between my lower lashes.
     MakeUpFactory : Kajal Definer - 42 Aqua Blue
          I really love this color on my waterline!
     Artdeco : Kajal Liner - 14 white
          Used this one to highlight the inner tearduct area.

Hope you like it!
xo, Lizzy

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