Sunday, August 28, 2011

hair like a princess =)

A quick tip for you ladies:
the next time you're at your favourite drugstore check out the kiddie-hair section! I really love that stuff because it smells so nice, so the last time I was there I found this cool spray:
photo credit: DM

It's a spray to make combing wet hair easier. And I have to say I love it! Not just because of the combing thing ( which is rather nice ) but because it smells absolutely fantastic ( like apricot and flowers ) and doubles as a leave-in conditioner. I have been looking for one of those without silicone, which is pretty much impossible, but this one has it all :) It's also great on dry hair to get rid of morning frizz et cetera! And the best part: it didn't even cost 2 €. This particular spray is only available at DM but I'm sure that other drugstores have similar products!

Give it a try, you're gonna love it! :)
♥, Lizzy


  1. thanks for the tip. i just got it and i'm loving it...:-)

  2. right? I'm totally addicted to this stuff :D