Saturday, August 6, 2011

MAC Cine-Matics and Colourizations

Hey lovelies!
I don't know if you already know, but right now MAC is launching a new collection - Cine-Matics/Colourizations. The collection isn't huge, but it has some pretty neat things! :D There are two Cine-Matics Make Up Lessons, a Smokey Brown and a Smokey Black Make Up Lesson, two brush bags, four lip bags including a lipstick, a matching lip liner and lip gloss and eight two-eyeshadow-palettes called Double Feature. You can either buy it at (make up lessons, lip bags, brush bags) or (everything including the Double Feature eyeshadow-palettes). I really like the idea of the lip bags, but as I'm not using lip liner or lipgloss that much, I skipped that. Nevertheless, I had to order one of the Double Feature eyeshadow-palettes - Double Feature 5. Well, I don't like it much that the eyeshadows don't have specific names, but the colours are great:

Double Feature 5 is a pale pink-peach with a frost finish and a red-toned brown with a teal duochrome and a frost finish. The reddish brown is like an improved MAC Club.
Have you purchased anything from this collection?

xo, Kate

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  1. Das mit dem Club-Braun ist ja echt cool, das lohnt sich richtig. Mit einem gewöhnlichen Braun fände ich dieses Duo eher etwas lahm, aber so! :]