Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mascara Test Series 2: Maybelline Falsche Wimpern Volum' Express Mascara

The next mascara I will be showing you is the Maybelline Falsche Wimpern Volum' Express Mascara Black Drama in carbon black. It costs about 10.00 € at DM.

The brush is relatively thick and it is curved. The texture of the mascara is on the wetter side, but still dry enough to be applied easily (for me ;)). You can't see it on the picture above, but the formula has tiny fibres in it to help extending the lashes and providing volume.

1: bare lashes 2: 1 coat 3: 2 coats

1: bare lashes 2: 1 coat 3: 2 coats

1: bare lashes 2: 1 coat 3: 2 coats
I have to say, this mascara is one of my favourite mascaras, the colour is an extremely deep black, the applicator is perfectly shaped and the formula is providing length and volume! I'm sorry about the pictures above, the macara tube is totally new and thus the application isn't perfect, because at the beginning there is a bit too much product on the applicator. But when used a few times, the mascara shows its real talent! It almost looks like you have false lashes on and you can even apply it 4 to 5 times without getting clumpy lashes.

xo, Kate

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  1. i don't know why anybody hasn't commented on your pictures???

    i have to tell you, you have beautiful eyelashes!!! i LOVE your eyelashes. you are truly blessed with some outta sight eyes.

    beautiful. i love the "spikey" look to your eyes with them amazing eyelashes.

    take care & God bless...

    christina :o)