Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pretty Little Liars Turorial - Intro

We've been a little busy so we haven't been able to do those Pretty Little Liars looks we promised - yet. Sorry about that! Per request, today I tried to recreate Ali's look from the intro, hope you like it :)

Let's get started with the eyeshadow:

Start by creating a triangular shape, using a dark brown shimmery eyeshadow, starting just below the inner end of your eyebrow and reaching across your lid, fading out beneath the outer end. Also, bring in the color beneath your lower lashes, on the outer half of your lid.
[Artdeco #20 pearly african coffee]
Next, use an even darker shade all over your lid. [Manhattan perfect eyes trio - smokey effects #109T]

The next step - and this is important - is blending.
Use a soft brush to blend out the edges of the triangle and also along your crease, so the two shades fade into each other.

To intensify the look, go over your lid again with the same or another shimmery dark brown.
[Too Faced - Full Frontal]

Use a dark brown gel eyeliner to create a not too thin winged line.
[Maybelline New York - Eyestudio lasting drama gel liner #02 brown]

Now, use a black liner and tightline your upper lashes. Really smudge it in there from above and beneath. Also smudge it among your lower lashes a bit.
[Manhattan Gel-Eyeliner #AA1403]
Clean your lower waterline with a q-tip and then apply some white eyeliner. If you want, set it with matte white eyeshadow.
[p2 Intense Khol Eyeliner #020 Cool Alaska]
[Artdeco #512 matt white]

Last but not least, apply a volumizing mascara!
[Astor Big&Beautiful Ultra Volume Mascara #800 Black]

If you want to go full on out there are of course 3 other elements of the look that are shown in the intro:

To get those crazy curls, use a small curling iron and curl small strands of hair really tight. Don't forget your heat pretection =)

For the lips, use a dark red lipstick and then go over it with a coppery gloss.
[Alverde lipstick #107 red diamond]
[MakeUpFactory long lasting lipgloss #42 rosewood]

On your nails you can basically use any bright pink you own :) Mine's a bit too dark but the effect is the same.
[Chanel #74 Kabuki]

I have to say, I really like the individual parts of this look, the eyeshadow is really pretty and I enjoyed the dark lips, but all together it's a bit much in my opinion :)

I really hope you enjoyed this post, and that the step by step pictures are helpful for those of you who might want to recreate this look.
xo, Lizzy


  1. Nice look!

  2. Wow, I love this look! It complements your eye color really well. And it doesn't look like it takes too long to do either, which is definitely a plus.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I've definitely been doing a lot of extreme catch-up from my childhood in terms of books. So far I'm about halfway through the Bell Jar, but it hasn't stuck with me yet, either. We'll see though, I'm holding out 'til the end since I have your support on it! :)

    <3 Linda

  3. so nice, i need to get you guys to do a makeover for me the next time i visit ;-)
    xox tascha