Friday, September 23, 2011

getting creative

Every now and then I get the urge to change my room, and since my furniture is arranged kinda perfectly right now I decided to create something for my empty wall (there used to be a mirror there). While contemplating buying a picture or maybe getting a big poster or something I remembered this DIY from A Beautiful Mess. I really liked the idea of having a quote instead of a picture so I thought about it and finally picked one [guess where it's from, I'll tell ya at the end of the post^^].
So we saved the world together for a while, and that was lovely.
I am fully aware that my lettering is crooked and uneven but I kinda like that. Plus I know myself and I'll probably want to change something again in a little while, so if I decide to throw this out it won't be all that terrible.
So if you're interested, here's a little play-by-play of what I did:

The first thing you wanna do (after picking a quote and getting all the stuff you need), is to think about how you wanna arrange the quote on your canvas. Not as easy as it sounds!
2. After you know how many lines of text there are going to be on your canvas, map them out. This will help you avoiding a situation in which you either have not enough space to write your final line or you have too much space at the bottom of your painting :)
3. Using an old kitchen sponge and acrylic paint, cover those areas of your canvas which will later contain text. I did 2 layers which built up a nice color base but still allow your lines to shine through.
4. Using a soft pencil, outline the letters of your quote onto the dry paint. This is where you'll use those still visible lines!

5. Now, use the color of your choise to fill in everything except the letters. I used leftover paint from my actual wall color, but if you have the choice, pick a paint which is as opaque as possible. You are going to have to repeat this step a couple of times either way, and then, use your first color again to fill in the letters neatly (use a small brush!) 
6. After you're satisfied with the opaque-ness of your letters, let them dry. Use a not-too-sticky tape to surround all the straight letters of the word(s) you want to highlight. You're going to have to freestyle it on any round parts. 
7. Go over the word with any plain old glue stick. Start with the round letters and then finish with the taped ones. The tape helps you cover the whole word before the glue dries. Take some loose glitter and loosely sprinkle it across your word. Make sure every bit is covered. Let that sit for a few minutes so the glue can dry, then carefully remove the tape and get rid of the excess glitter. 
8. If you need to fix any mistakes or there's anything you want to add, now's the time. The last step of this little DIY is covering the painting with a clear laquer. Make sure everything is perfect and then lightly spray your canvas, following the instructions on the can! Go outside to spray!!

So here's my finished painting :D I like the fact that it's the same color as my wall and that the letters are uneven and it looks so homemade, but if that's not for you, you can obviously change that, should you decide to create something similar. Elsie used stensils for the lettering, which makes the whole thing very neat and a lot easier, so if you can get your hands one those, that'd be fantastic :)

Hope you like it, I do :D
xo, Lizzy

PS: Oh yea the quote. It's from LOST [episode 2.1]. I'm a geek, I know =)

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