Friday, September 16, 2011

KIKO cream waterproof eyeliner

I'm so sorry for the lack of blogging lately, but I've had to write a major paper which was due yesterday. I promise I'll make up for it =)
After handing in the paper, my friend Diana and me payed a visit to the KIKO store I told you about in this post. I hadn't been back there since that one time because it's not exactly conveniently located for me, but I still really like their selection. I went in to buy lipsticks for my mom and couldn't resist getting these three eyeliners for myself. They're actually from the summer collection and they only had a few left, plus they were cheaper =)

I bought three colors: 
01 emerald green   03 midnight blue   04 dark purple
The blue and purple are rather dark colors which I think I'll be able to use with everyday looks without any problems. The green however is very vibrant and really more of a summer color, so I probably won't be using it much anytime soon. Still, I just had to buy it, the color is so cool and I've already had my eye on this one back in the summer. I payed only 3,70€ for each eyeliner, I think the original prize was ~7€.

Aren't they pretty? The top photo is with flash, the bottom one without.
They claim to be waterproof and they really really are! I've washed my hand vigorously with soap and I can still see the swatches :) To remove them, use an oil based makeup remover.

Again sorry for not posting lately but I've got a few reviews et cetera coming up :)
xo, Lizzy

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