Thursday, September 8, 2011

review: p2 prepare your lips

Hey lovelies!
After checking it out in the store a few times I finally bought the prepare your lips! lip base by p2 and here's a little review.

If I remember correctly I paid 2.25€ for this base (at dm). As you can see the base comes in stick form. I really liked the texture, which is very velvety and soft. On the lips it reminded me of how the studio secrets primer feels on your skin. Also it smells a little like vanilla =)

This is what the base looks like on your lips. I only applied it on one half to allow a direct comparison. I tested it twice actually, once with a cheaper, shiny color and once with a high-end almost matte lipstick.
     [ alverde 107 red diamond // MAC peachstock ]
The primer lightens up your lips but unfortunately it also highlights any flaky parts.

As you can see, unfortunately there's basically no difference between the side of my lips with the base and the one without it.
The base feels nice on your lips and I felt like the lipstick applied a bit smoother with it on but, other than that, the effect is pretty much non existent.

I usually like p2 products but I wouldn't buy this one again..

I hope this was helpful!
xo, Lizzy

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