Sunday, October 30, 2011

a bloody mess

Hey lovelies!

Tomorrow's Halloween and even though most parties were yesterday already we're planning on going out tomorrow cause Nov. 1st is a holiday here anyways :) We already stocked up on fake blood and everything we'll need, but I figured I'd paint my nails accordingly!
You could just cover your hands in a bit of the fake blood, but that's gonna be sticky and rub of on everything you touch, so here's how you can make your nails look bloody without those side effects.

Here's what you need:

a dark red nailpolish [essence eclipse LE 02 thirsty]
brown nailpolish
[essence return to paradise LE 01 jungle drum]
some black polish
[essence 26 fatal]
a piece of paper or cardboard
a few q-tips

To get a real bloody effect, you want to start with your red polish and create your basic dripping or smudged shape. Be sure to make each nail a little different, to make it more realistic. Now, put a bit of both the brown and the black polish next to each other on the card and dip your q-tip in there. Use it like a stamp, pressing the dark color onto your nails. The pattern of the cotton will help create both an unequal distribution of the color, and the texture of dried blood. Try switching it up between a little bit more brown and a little bit more black, and if it gets too dark you can always add some more red. Just keep on layering the polishes, until you get the desired result.

To top it all off you might want to add a bit of fake blood on the back of your hands but all in all this should go lovely with any bloody costume you might pick :D

Have fun tomorrow night!!
xo, Lizzy

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