Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The weekend before last we took a little 2 day trip to the Europapark in Rust. We don't have a lot of theme parks here and -quite frankly- most suck. But this one doesn't :D We took a LOT of pictures and even though we only picked a small part of them this post is packed with photos so give it a sec to load :)

↑ most of the weekend the weather was pretty wet
& we only had a few hours of sunshine,
so we wore these high-fashion rain coats all the time - so what :D

↑ this is the Euro Mir, a pretty cool ride which goes up in the dark, that's also where
we took those two blacklight pictures below
Blue Fire, the second coolest roller coaster in the park
↑ the entire park was already decorated for Halloween, hundreds of pumpkins everywhere!
↑ One of our favourite pics from the trip
(standing in the non-existend line to the haunted house)
oh and no, Kate isn't flipping someone off, half her peace-sign was cut off^^

↑  our hotel was based on an italian theme and it looked super classy =)

↑  This was the view from our room, can you believe it?
And you can see why the hotel's name is Colosseo :)

↑  now this is in front of our all time favourite coaster - the Silver Star!
Plus, that dude looks like he's from Daft Punk, doesn't he? =)
Below is a photo of the coaster's highest peak (73m) and what the way up looks like
in 1st row - we always ride first (or last) :D

↑ The park mascot kept annoying us at breakfast - creepy :D

 ↑ Ain't he pretty? =D
There were all sorts of 'horror' folks walking around.

 ↑ A dinner show in our favourite (Asian) restaurant which is located in a ride =)

 ↑ Entrance to our hotel during one of the few sunny hours :)
Below: lobby ceiling

↑  this was the very last picture we took
(waiting for everybody to get back on the bus)

If you actually looked at all 26 photos and you're reading this - thank you :D

Should you live somewhere within an acceptable distance and you've never been, we definitely recommend paying a visit to the Europapark, it's so worth it!

xoxo, Lizzy & Kate

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