Saturday, November 26, 2011

Glitz&Glam Red Holiday Nails

Hey beauties!

Can you believe we're less than a month away from Christmas? It hasn't snowed yet but there's little bits of inspiration to get into the holiday mood everywhere.
Today I did my nailpolish to match the December cover of Vogue =)

I really love the color scheme of this cover, the combination of reds and pinks is just lovely and holiday-y!

I used essence color&go 72 time for romance over Manhattan Lotus Effect 65K.

 Where do you like to get your inspiration from?

xo, Lizzy

Friday, November 18, 2011

Matroschka meets Beauty

Hey Beauties,
I just found out about the new Alverde LE which is going to be in selected stores December 1st!

 It's a lovely colorful LE inspired by those beautiful Russian dolls.

Eyeshadow Duo 3,25€
  • 10 purple glow
  • 20 brilliant green
  • 30 toffee orange
Rouge Stick 3,45€
  • 10 rose blush
  • 20 pink blush
Shimmer Powder 4,45€
  • 10 fantastic shine

Compact Lipgloss 2,95
with jojoba-oil and goji berry extract
  • 10 rose beauty
  • 20 coral blush
  • 30 purple blush

Kajal Eyeliner 1,75€
  • 10 shimmery silver
  • 20 shimmery gold
  • 30 shimmery green

Glamour Color Mascara 3,95€
  • 10 aubergine deluxe
  • 20 golden delight
Kabuki Brush 4,45€

Eau de Toilette Sweet Harmony 7,95€

What do you think of this LE? Anything interesting?
xo, Lizzy

Thursday, November 17, 2011

purple Sydney

Hey lovelies!
I've been playing around with the Catrice palettes a bit and I figured I'd share a look with you :)
I only used the Sydney palette for this make-up!

So here's what I did:

Using Town Hall, I lined my lashes and created a V-shape into my crease. I also smudged it a bit into my lower lashes, making sure the three lines all connect in the outer corners of my eye. Next I applied The Rocks all over my lid. I picked  up a bit of Sydney Aquarium and used the brush with that on, to blend the brown and purple. After that I applied just a bit of Royal Botanic Garden and dabbed it across my lid along the lashline and also beneath my lower lashes. Finally I applied a bit more of Town Hall to darken the outer V and intensify the look.
After that, all I did was apply some of the black liner on my upper waterline and put on a bit of the Taronga Zoo blush as a base color and then blended Opera House into it.

other products:
L'Oréal perfect match foundation in Rosy Vanilla
Benefit Hello Flawless powder in Champagne
Artdeco eyeshadow base
essence Vampire's Love shimmer powder in 01 Lil' Vampire [review]
L'Oréal Lash Architect 4D mascara [review]
MAC lipstick in High Tea (lustre)

I hope you like the look :)
Tell us how you like to use the Catrice palettes!

xo, Lizzy

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MAC Fabulously Festive Face Kit Wintercool

He lovelies!

I want to show you something amazing I got some days ago - MAC's Fabulously Festive Face Kit Wintercool! I have to tell you I'm so in love. :D The kit costs 56.00 € and contains three brushes, 129SE, 275SE and 266SE, a lipstick - Hot Gossip (Cremesheen), a lipglass - Emancipation, a beautiful eye and cheek palette with four eyeshadow colours - Phloof (Frost), Brun (Satin), Quarry (Matte), Dance In The Dark (Matte) and the blush Mocha (Matte). It comes in a pretty little make-up bag.

The packing is gorgeous, I really like the brush design and the little snow globe on top of the palette! :)

The four colours are very natural hues, left on top is Phloof, next to it Brun, then down on the left is Quarry and the last one is Dance In The Dark. All four of them have very good colour payoff and a smooth texture. That's why I love MAC eyeshadows! I believe Phloof, Brun and Quarry are in the MAC standard palette, only Dance In The Dark is limited edition.

The blush in the palette is Mocha, a brownish pink. It's a lovely everyday colour and one of the blushes I wanted from MAC for a long time. The colour payoff is here very good as well.

The three brushes are a blush brush, an angled eyeshadow brush and an eyeliner brush. Those are really soft and nice, but unfortunately they aren't handmade as the normal brushes they offer. The brushes which come with the face kit are machine made.

The lipstick in the kit is called Hot Gossip (Cremesheen). I like the colour very much, it's a muted pink. A colour you could definitely wear every day. The colour payoff is good, only the texture isn't as soft as I imagined it.

Emancipation is the lipglass that comes with the face kit. It's a milky pink. The texture is sticky, as it is usually with MAC lipglasses. I believe the colour is limited edition.

Last but not least I wanted to show you a quick look I did with the products from the kit. I used all four eyeshadows, the blush and a bit of the lipglass over Hot Gossip. The mascara I used is Benefit's They're Real (review soon to come).

I'm sorry for the bad lighting conditions, but it's getting dark soo soon in winter. :(
Have you bought one of the face kits? Do you like them? Tell me! ;)

xo, Kate

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Quattros

Hey lovelies!

I just wanted to show you the two Catrice palettes I picked up this week. One of them is the Absolute Eye Colour Quattro in 01 Curtain Up! from the Welcome To Las Vegas LE and the other one is a rather old one - the Absolute Eye Colour Quattro in C01 Rumble In The Jungle from the Papagena LE.

The palette contains four eyeshadows, a shimmery taupe and three blackened hues, a blue, a purple and a dark grey with gold glimmer in it. Unfortunately the lettering Welcome To Las Vegas is only an overspray.

The pigmentation of the palette isn't the best and after finger swatching it I thought I couldn't work with it but the colours look good over my Artdeco eyeshadow base and they are longlasting. However, I would pair the dark colours with other colours you have in your make up stack and use the taupe colour of the quad only as a highlighter.

The design of the Papagena palette is really pretty and I like all four hues of the quad.

The pigmentation here wasn't a problem, but the gold colour for example has massive fallout. I haven't tested them on my eyelid yet, but I think the dark green and the purple will look really nice and I hope they are workable with an eyeshadoe base.

All in all I would say they haven't the best pigmentation or texture and Catrice's single eyeshadows are much more workable but I really liked the colour selection of the Welcome To Las Vegas palette and the Papagena palette was on sale for only 2.50 € so I grabbed it.

Have you bought anything from the Welcome To Las Vegas LE? Are you happy with their selection of products or do you find it rather boring?

xo, Kate

Friday, November 11, 2011

Catrice Big City Life "New York"

Hello lovelies,

one last post about Catrice's LE: it's time for New York!


I'll say it again: all the colors are named after sights in New York, in this case ones that everybody knows =)

The shadows in this palette are almost all cool toned metallic colors and should be really nice for the winter. There's Soho, Rockefeller Center, which isn't really metallic but still a bit shimmery, Brooklyin Bridge, Central Park, Times Square and Wall Street. None of these shadows is super opaque but there isn't a really disappointing one either, they're all okay :)

The two blush colors in the New York Collection are both very pretty and wearable. I feel like they are toned down versions of the Sydney blushes. Broadway is not as shimmery as Opera House, and Statue Of Liberty is a lighter pink than the dark Taronga Zoo. However the color scheme of the blushes is the same in both palettes. I think these are really pretty and go well together so you can even mix them if you want!

I completely forgot this in the other posts:
All of these 4 palettes come with a little black Eye Pencil and a small brush/applicator. I really appreciate the fact that Catrice included a little brush in here instead of just the sponge-applicator, because that's not really the norm with low-price products, however a brush allows a much smoother application, I think.

So, now you've seen them all. What do you think about the palettes? Which one did you buy? There was quite a hype around these and it was actually rather tricky to get them. Were you lucky enough to score the palette you wanted?  
Tell us in the comments :)

xo, Lizzy

Catrice Big City Life "Sydney"

Hey there,

here we go again! This time I'll be showing you the Sydney palette, or as it's actually called The Sydney Collection Eye and Cheek Palette!


I feel so repetitive saying this again, but .. all the colors are named after famous Sydney sights. I have to admit, I feel really bad about not really knowing what any of these look like, except for 2.

Most of the colors in this palette are rather sheer. It has some nice neutral tones and I think is really good for those not-too-flashy everyday looks. The colors are Sydney Aquarium, Town Hall, The Rocks, Harbour Bridge, which is the only matte color here, Royal Botanical Garden and Bondi Beach. All of the metallic colors contain some silver shimmer, except for Town Hall, which shimmers in a lovely gold.

Both of these blushes are really good, I think. Opera House is a nice burgundy color with a gorgeous golden shimmer, and Taronga Zoo is a deep pink with just a little bit of sheen to it. Lovely!

So which palette do you like best, so far?
New York will be up soon :)

xo, Lizzy

Catrice Big City Life "Berlin"

Hey darlings!

Kate reviewed the London palette from Catrice's current LE yesterday and I'm following up with the other ones now. First up is Berlin, and I really want to thank my friend Diana for lending me her palette, so we could review all four!


 Basically the palette has the same layout as the London one, with 6 eyeshadows and 2 blushes, all named after some of the city's most famous sights. In this case I'm just bothered a bit by the inconsistency of calling them by their German names and then using the English one for just one shadow..

The consistency of the eyeshadows in this palette varies a bit but it's not like there's one that doesn't work at all. Tiergarten (Zoo) and Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate) are both nice metallic colors, but not too opaque, so you need to layer them a bit, then they should work fine. Am Alex (at the Alexanderplatz) and Berlin Wall are both very creamy and have a surprisingly good color payoff.
Ku' Damm
is a nice shimmery light color but nothing too special, and again a little sheer. Checkpoint Charlie really surprised me. I figured it'd be a really sheer shadow but the payoff isn't that bad and the color is just fantastic! It has a nice holo effect ranging from white to a yellow gold. Really awesome :)

The two blushes from this palette couldn't be more different! Unter den Linden (under the linden trees) is a really shiny, very pigmented bronze color. It has a incredibly creamy texture and fantastic color payoff. You could easily use this as an eyeshadow, too! Siegessäule (Victory Column) however is dry and chalky and needs to built up quite a bit to get the full effect.

So how about you, did you get any of the four palettes?
The other two reviews are coming up!

xo, Lizzy

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Catrice Big City Life "London"

Hey lovelies!

A few days ago I kept watch for the new limited edition by Catrice - Big City Life. I was really interested in the eyeshadow palettes but unfortunately I spotted only one of them - London. Well, it wouldn't have been my first choice but I grabbed it anyway. :) The collection includes four cities - Berlin, Sydney, New York and London. They all have nice eyeshadow shades and good looking blush shades. Each palette contains six eyeshadows and two blushes. Moreover there are four nailpolish shades but I didn't like the colours that much so I didn't buy any of them.

As you can see all the colours have different names, all of them are famous London sights.

Well, the colour payoff of the eyeshadows wasn't the best, but it was decent and I really liked some of the shades like City Hall, Globe Theatre or Tower Bridge, so I was eager to try them out. But I have to say, it was a real shock for me as they wouldn't work on my eyelid. I tried to do an eye make up with Hyde Park and Globe Theatre, but both of them performed poorly. Globe Theatre began to burn as soon as I put it on my eyelid and when applying Hyde Park, I was just pushing the colour around, if you know what I mean.

Then again, I really liked both the blush shades. The colour payoff wasn't the best either but they leave a nice pink sheen on your face and you look really healthy when applying them. :)

As said before, I haven't bought the other palettes, but Lizzy will be reviewing both Sydney and New York and there will also be a guest post about the Berlin palette. So stay tuned! ;D

Have you bought anything from this collection? Did you also have some bad experiences with the London palette or did you like it? Tell me!

xo, Kate

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

L'Oréal Paris: Lash Architect 4D Mascara

Hey lovelies!
Today I'm reviewing the Lash Architect 4D mascara by L'Oréal Paris.

This mascara comes with a rather long wand and a thin brush.
♣  The wand is angled a bit for easier application and the shape of the packaging is very convenient and comfortable to hold.
♣  The brush is about 1.1inches / 2,8cm long and at the thin tip only 0.2in / 0.5cm thick. With its short bristles, this allows a very precise application, while the longer ones fan out your lashes and prevent clumping.
You have to get used to the wand though, or at least it took me a few days to really appreciate it :)

 no mascara / one coat / two coats
I did not use an eyelash curler!
Usually I always curl my lashes before applying mascara but in order to show the real results I skipped it here. However I did curl the lashes on my other eye, just to see whether there's a difference. The eye I'm pointing at is the one on which I used the curler beforehand.

Click the photos to see larger versions :)

This mascara costs about 13-14€ which isn't that cheap, but L'Oréal often has special offers, where you can get two products for the price of one, or something like that =)

I like this mascara so far, and even though I'm still getting used to this brush (very different to what I usually use), I think the result is nice. The lashes look defined and are definitely lengthened quite a bit, but the overall effect is still very natural.

Not the mascara for you? Click here to see other mascara reviews we've done so far =)

I hope this was helpful!
xo, Lizzy

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