Friday, November 11, 2011

Catrice Big City Life "New York"

Hello lovelies,

one last post about Catrice's LE: it's time for New York!


I'll say it again: all the colors are named after sights in New York, in this case ones that everybody knows =)

The shadows in this palette are almost all cool toned metallic colors and should be really nice for the winter. There's Soho, Rockefeller Center, which isn't really metallic but still a bit shimmery, Brooklyin Bridge, Central Park, Times Square and Wall Street. None of these shadows is super opaque but there isn't a really disappointing one either, they're all okay :)

The two blush colors in the New York Collection are both very pretty and wearable. I feel like they are toned down versions of the Sydney blushes. Broadway is not as shimmery as Opera House, and Statue Of Liberty is a lighter pink than the dark Taronga Zoo. However the color scheme of the blushes is the same in both palettes. I think these are really pretty and go well together so you can even mix them if you want!

I completely forgot this in the other posts:
All of these 4 palettes come with a little black Eye Pencil and a small brush/applicator. I really appreciate the fact that Catrice included a little brush in here instead of just the sponge-applicator, because that's not really the norm with low-price products, however a brush allows a much smoother application, I think.

So, now you've seen them all. What do you think about the palettes? Which one did you buy? There was quite a hype around these and it was actually rather tricky to get them. Were you lucky enough to score the palette you wanted?  
Tell us in the comments :)

xo, Lizzy

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