Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MAC Fabulously Festive Face Kit Wintercool

He lovelies!

I want to show you something amazing I got some days ago - MAC's Fabulously Festive Face Kit Wintercool! I have to tell you I'm so in love. :D The kit costs 56.00 € and contains three brushes, 129SE, 275SE and 266SE, a lipstick - Hot Gossip (Cremesheen), a lipglass - Emancipation, a beautiful eye and cheek palette with four eyeshadow colours - Phloof (Frost), Brun (Satin), Quarry (Matte), Dance In The Dark (Matte) and the blush Mocha (Matte). It comes in a pretty little make-up bag.

The packing is gorgeous, I really like the brush design and the little snow globe on top of the palette! :)

The four colours are very natural hues, left on top is Phloof, next to it Brun, then down on the left is Quarry and the last one is Dance In The Dark. All four of them have very good colour payoff and a smooth texture. That's why I love MAC eyeshadows! I believe Phloof, Brun and Quarry are in the MAC standard palette, only Dance In The Dark is limited edition.

The blush in the palette is Mocha, a brownish pink. It's a lovely everyday colour and one of the blushes I wanted from MAC for a long time. The colour payoff is here very good as well.

The three brushes are a blush brush, an angled eyeshadow brush and an eyeliner brush. Those are really soft and nice, but unfortunately they aren't handmade as the normal brushes they offer. The brushes which come with the face kit are machine made.

The lipstick in the kit is called Hot Gossip (Cremesheen). I like the colour very much, it's a muted pink. A colour you could definitely wear every day. The colour payoff is good, only the texture isn't as soft as I imagined it.

Emancipation is the lipglass that comes with the face kit. It's a milky pink. The texture is sticky, as it is usually with MAC lipglasses. I believe the colour is limited edition.

Last but not least I wanted to show you a quick look I did with the products from the kit. I used all four eyeshadows, the blush and a bit of the lipglass over Hot Gossip. The mascara I used is Benefit's They're Real (review soon to come).

I'm sorry for the bad lighting conditions, but it's getting dark soo soon in winter. :(
Have you bought one of the face kits? Do you like them? Tell me! ;)

xo, Kate