Thursday, December 1, 2011


Good morning lovelies!

Let me tell you about the new limited edition essence just announced: crystalliced
This wintery collection features soft pastel colors and subtle shimmery effects.
The LE will be in stores January / February 2012.

liquid eyeshadow 2,29€
Ice Eyes, Baby! This new liquid eyeshadow in four fascinating frosty colors creates breathtaking eye make-ups.Its extra velvety texture allows a smooth and easy application with your fingers. And its fine shimmer pigments reflect the winter sun and let your eyes shine.
01 it's a snow-woman's world
02 ice eyes baby
03 ice crystals on my window
04 ice age reloaded

snow flake mascara topper 2,29€
Just add this on the tips of your lashes after applying mascara and the snow flake mascara topper's fine white glitter creates sparkling highlights. For a unique snowflake-ice crystal-look!
glitter froster 2,29€
Frost yourself with these soft glitter frosters in gold and silver. This conjures up beatuiful shimmering highlights like snowflakes, on your eyes lips and face.
01 frosted champaign
02 diamond dust
lipgloss 1,79€
Three magical pastel lipglosses for countless styles! The extra light and glossy texture adds a tempting shimmer to your lips while taking care of them in the freezing winter temperatures.
01 it's a snow-woman's world
02 diamond dust
03 ice crystals on my window

liquid highlighter 2,49€
Attention snow-queens! One of this seasons must-have are liquid highlighters like this one. Its shimmer-fluid melts into the skin and creates a radiant complexion. And it comes in a handy size so you can glam up on the go!
nail polish 1,79€
Perfectly ready for the next snowball fight: five shiny colors glam up your nails for the winter. Glitter-effects, a long-lasting formula and high pigmentation promise to not only make your nails look great but also to very resistant.
01 it’s a snow-woman’s world
02 ice crystals on my window
03 iced age reloaded
04 ice eyes baby
05 frosted champaign

nail sticker 1,29€
These stickers in snowflake and ice crystall designs adhere to your nails and make create eye-catching looks for winter!
01 frozen playground

I really like the pastel colors of this collection, and especially the liquid highlighter intrigues me.
What do you think??


*** all info and photos provided by Cosnova ***

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