Thursday, December 1, 2011

hidden world

So here's what's coming up by CATRICE: Hidden World
This LE is for dreamy but confident ladies, soft but not dainty, mysterious but never timid, discreet but out there :) Rosé colors and earthy brown come together to create soft shimmery harmonies.
In stores: January 2012

made to stay eyeshadow soufflĂ© 3,49 €
C01 Wood You Follow Me?
C02 Yes, I Wood!
C03 Rosy & Cosy.

liquid metal gloss 3,79€
C01 Yes, I Wood!
C02 Walk On Air
C03 Rosy & Cosy

blush mousse 3,79€
The soft mousse melts into your skin and creates a soft blushed look that lasts for hours.

illuminating base 3,99€
The creamy base evens out small irregularities and prepares your skin for any makeup you want to try.

ultimate nail laquer 2,49€
C01 White And Seek
C02 Walk On Air
C03 Wood You Follow Me

 secret mirror 3,29€
This pocket mirror comes in a pretty leather pouch to check your makeup on the go.

Do you like this collection? I think it's very wearable and includes great basic products for daily wear!

xo, Lizzy

*** all info and photos provided by Cosnova ***

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