Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Dream Of Barbados/I Dream Of St.John

Hey lovelies!

Today I wanted to show you two eyeshadow palettes from NYX's The Caribbean Collection Lizzy bought for me. By the way, she will review a third one - I Dream Of Jamaica! I wanted to talk about I Dream Of Barbados and I Dream Of St.John.
Both palettes contain 5 colours each and two double applicators. But see for yourself:

I Dream Of Barbados

The colours are lovely, the texture is soft and they apply smoothly. Only the colour on the left doesn't have the texture of the other four colours, unfortunately it is a bit too soft and not firmly enough pressed, so - as you can see - some of the colour already crumbled out. :(
All of the colours have either a satin or metallic finish.

I also created a quick eye make-up look for you!

I Dream Of St.John

The colours here are quite lovely too, the texture is soft and they apply smoothly. I had no problems with the texture of any of the colours here. I really love the first two colours, the are really beautiful. Normally I would say to use the first colour only as a highlighter but the colour payoff is so good that you can also use it as a full-value eyeshadow! All of those colours have also either a satin or a metallic finish. I don't know if it's clearly visible in the picture above, but the last colour is a dark brownish black with this lovely gold shimmer in it. Beautiful! :)

I also created a quick eye make-up look with this palette!

The mascara I used is Lancôme's Doll Eyes. Stay tuned for Lizzy's review!
Have a nice Sunday. ;)

xo, Kate


  1. I dream of Barbados is so soft and pretty, I just love it!


  2. I Dream Of St.John I think it's prettier than Barbados. And more... useful! You are OK, the last colour, the grey... golden smoothy is so beautiful, it remembers me the "camp rock" hazel colour ahahaha!
    I will think about buying it, they are cheaper than buying five simple eyeshadow of NYX!
    Are they like the MAC size?