Thursday, December 8, 2011

I dream of Jamaica / Milk&Yogurt

Hey beauties!

Kate already showed you two of the NYX palettes I dream of Barbados / I dream of St. John, and today I'll show you another one: I dream of Jamaica.

 I dream of Jamaica is a lovely versatile palette and basically the warm version of the St. John palette.

I took a photo of that sticker on the back, to highlight the fact that this makeup is completely cruelty free, unfortunately that's not always a given.

Here's some swatches of the palette. As you can all the colors are shimmery, the lighter ones more than the dark ones, which are more satin than full-on metallic.The shimmer's silvery so when the light (or in this case the flash from my camera) hits the eyeshadows they look really shiny and colder, while without that they look darker and warmer. As I said the palette's really versatile and allows you to create looks for almost any occasion!

Other than the palette I also wanna show you the two Jumbo Eye Pencils I bought: Milk & Yogurt.

I was really curious about these, since they're so popular and I had to search for quite a while until I got the ones I wanted.
Yogurt is a nice coppery color which glides on super smoothly and is nice to throw on when you really don't want to bother with makeup but you still want a little shine and definition. I tried that the other day and really liked it. After a couple of hours the color did crease though, so you'll need to wear a base or apply it close to your lashes only.
I just got Milk the other day so I haven't had a chance to create a look with it yet. You can see from the swatch, though, that it's really very opaque and I believe it'll be fantastic to wear under bright eyeshadows, in order to enhance them. This more-or-less matte pencil has a completely diferent texture than the metallic one, it's much more creamy and sticky.

Do you have any tips for using the Eye Pencils?

xo, Lizzy

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