Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hey lovelies!

This post is a little something different. There's this super cute shop called iloveblossom which sells vintage-y accessoires. Now, they're currently starting this blogger campaign and they've acutally picked us to be a part of that - we're super flattered!!
What we have to do, is pick one of their pieces and introduce it to you.
Please help us by commenting on this post (so you can win and so can we)
I'll tell you how everything works below!

When Kate and me looked through the iloveblossom shop together, we both immediately fell in love with this bracelet. It's called 'Engel auf ihren Boteng√§ngen' (angels on their errands) and features a feather and a little envelope on a golden bracelet with pearls.  

What I really love it that this bracelet is so versatile.
It's playful yet elegant.
Romantic, extraordinary.
One of a kind.
It goes with everything, every season, every mood.
The tiny envelope actually opens so you can carry little notes with you everywhere you go.
Love letters.

Ok, here goes:
Please comment on this post, telling us what you like about this piece of jewelry.
Every comment we get helps us closer to winning a big gift-certificate to their shop. 
Should we win, we will obviously be doing a giveaway, so it's not just for us :)
Also, if you both comment here and like their facebook-page you can also win this piece of jewelry.
Please, pretty please comment on this post, it'll take a mere minute and would mean so much to us!!


PS: The photos (except for the little bronze angel, which is mine) are taken from the shop website and the note in the last one says 'You're everything I need'.


  1. This is really beautiful! I love the combination of gold and white, I find it ultra feminine and romantic. The note envelope is ingenious! The winner is a lucky girl!

    Happy Holidays xoxo, Lily

  2. The bracelet reminds me of a guardian angel. Everytime when you wear it, it will protect you.

  3. I love that piece of jewelry. The feather and the pearls give it a soft and romantic touch, the note in the envelope reminds you of the truly important things in life, which give you strenght, whenever you need it.

  4. I love the tiny envelope! So cute ♥