Friday, December 9, 2011

a little bit of OPI

Hey lovelies!

Today I just want to quickly show you these three OPI polishes I ordered lately:

Designer... De Better! │ Skull & Glossbones │ French Quarter For Your Thoughts

Designer... De Better!
[Muppet Collection]

I was a bit unsure about ordering this color but now that I've seen it live, I adore it. It's just so special! The base color is a warm silver but then it has little bits of orange/bronze in it so when you wear it it's somewhere between silver and gold, you can't really tell. The polish is pretty with one coat but I'd recommend two, in order to get the full sparkling effect. In my opinion this laquer is oh so perfect for both Christmas and New Years, I'll definitely be wearing this over the holidays!

Skull & Glossbones [Pirates Of The Caribbean Collection]
It's more than just gray, it's a lovely warm light color with a taupe undertone. I chose this polish because it's very understated yet chic and can be worn on absolutely any occasion! Two coats of this color leave you with a nice coverage.

French Quarter For Your Thoughts [Touring America Collection]
This is a warm muddy gray which is very wearable and not too dark. It's very pigmented and almost completely opaque with one coat!

I'm wearing two thin coats of each polish. Designer... De Better! [thumb] reflects the light quite a bit on these photos, as in reality. Skull & Glossbones [ring finger/pinky] looks like it really does, you can see that it's a bit thin on my ringfinger, so one might better apply thicker coats or maybe a third thin one. French Quarter For Your Thoughts [index/middle finger] seems a little colder here, because of the flash, but you can see how perfectly opaque it is!

I absolutely love these polishes! OPI polishes are quite a bit more expensive than many brands but in my opinion the quality is really worth it, especially when you buy colors, like these grays, that you can wear everywhere.
Do you have any OPI polishes? Which one is your favourite??

xo, Lizzy

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