Wednesday, December 28, 2011

review&swatches 'Legends of the Sky'

Hey lovelies, 

I hope you all had great holidays (if you celebrate Christmas)!
A little belated, I now want to show you a few of the products from essence's Legends of the Sky LE, which is coming to stores in January.

First of all, the lipstick.
This one is the color '01 I am a viator'. We were a bit intimidated by the dark brown when we unpacked it and figured we'd never wear something like that. But swatched, the color isn't that opaque. The lipstick is very creamy and smells really nice. We both tried it on and it looked nice either way but, in our opinion, it works better when your lips are already a darker color and you're a darker type all together. With dark hair it'll look a bit wicked or vampy, while it can leave you washed out if you're a very light type.

These three nailpolishes.
The colors are '04 no better way to sky' (orange), '02 like leo's flying jacket' (green) and '03 I am a viator' (brown). The concistency is nice on all of them, like it is on most essence laquers, and they are all opaque with two coats. For the swatches we didn't use any base/top coats, but they still stayed on nicely for a few days.

The ring.
Ah the ring :) There's not much to say, it's really nice that it has an elastic band so it fits everyone and, we think, it's really pretty. It's metalic finish changes color depending on the light which makes it very interesting to look at (and play with) :D

Last but not least, the eyeshadow& liner stick.
We tested the color '02 like leo's flight jacket'. It's a nice dark khaki green with a metallic finish. The shadow end of the stick, like most eyeshadow pencils, takes a bit getting used to. It's a bit sticky so it pulls on your skin and doesn't apply all that evenly. It's easy to just blend that out with your finger though :) Both ends are retractable . The liner glides on smoothly and is a bit darker/less shiny than the shadow. As you can see it's very simple to create a quick look with this stick (Kate did this in like a minute or two). Perfect for on-the-go or to take on a trip!

Btw, two of those polishes are part of our giveaway (3 days left to enter)!

A big fat THANK YOU to Cosnova for sending us these products for free!!

xo, Lizzy

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