Friday, January 6, 2012

essie goodies

Hey lovelies!

Me again :) A few days ago I bought my first 2 essie nailpolishes
(can't believe I haven't tried them before *shame on me*)
and they're awesome! Seriously, love them!

I picked them up at Douglas and they had a special where you got a free smoothie handcream when buying 2 or more polishes, super cool =)
The colors I bought are Cocktail Bling and Bobbing For Baubles (Kate will review that one - we both bought it) and I picked the smoothie in cranberry & tangerine. Both of the polishes are from the latest collection!

Cocktail Bling is a pretty grey with a slight purple-y undertone. Kind of reminds me of scene (mac eyeshadow) only lighter! The polish is somehow chalky and thick, which makes it dry quickly and opaque. I was absolutely fascinated with the consistency of this laquer!
Essie describes the color as 'a precious pale grey jewel' and I think that's very fitting!

The essie smoothies are not just a hand cream but also a body lotion! It's very soft and creamy. Wetter than most hand creams, really more like a body lotion. I love that it comes in a little bottle with a pump, instead of a tube or something. It's just oh so practical! I have it on my desk and use it all the time! And cranberry & tangerine smells so good! At this rate, I don't think it'll last very long :) This is perfect in the cold season when your hands need all the moisture they can get! It smells very nice and definitely worth a try. I'm not quite sure it's available everywhere, though. I think it might be exclusive to Douglas.

Watch out for Kate's review of Bobbing For Baubles 'a deepest darkest saphire'!

xo, Lizzy


  1. As far as I know, our Douglas stores don't sell Essie just yet, though there is another store that will soon do. How much are those there? Probably cheaper than here, as usual.

    1. I think in Germany they usually sell for 7,95€ and I remember them costing about 8$ in NYC :)
      More and more stores sell essie now (at least here) so you might be able to find some soon, they truly are awesome :)