Saturday, January 7, 2012

Essie Love

Hey lovelies!

First of all - I am deeply sorry for the bad quality of the photos, but the lighting here is just so bad that I couldn't take any better photos! :( I want summer again! Better weather, better lighting! ;)
But bear with me, I'll show you some really gorgeous nail polishes. All three of them are Essie nailpolishes and like Lizzy I haven't tried them before..but since I have I really love them, they are great!

The three colours I bought are called Bobbing For Baubles, Sole Mate and Lilacism.

I want to start with Bobbing For Baubles, the nail laquer Lizzy has already mentioned in her post about Essie. As she already said it's, accordding to Essie, a 'deepest darkest sapphire' and I have to agree. In some lighting the colour looks almost black but if you see it in the sunlight it's a gorgeous deep dark blue-grey! The consistency was really good and this sweetheart is also a one coater! ;)

The next polish I want to show you is Lilacism. First I wanted another one of the Cocktail Bling Edition but I thought Lilacism is nicer than Bangle Jangle because it has more violet tones in it! Essie says it's 'elegant and enchanting, this satiny smooth lilac whispers springtime' and again I think it's a really good description of the polish. The lavender lilac is perfect for spring! The consistency here was almost even better than with Bobbing For Baubles and I used two coats.

And the last nail polish is called Sole Mate. I was looking for a deep pinkish plum and first of all I wanted to buy another colour but unfortunately it was sold out so I bought Sole Mate instead and it's just oh so gorgeous! A perfect fall colour. Essie calls it a 'creamy and rich deep plum'. The colour is something between a dark bordeaux red and a pinkish plum and it's a beautiful berry colour! The consistency here was a bit more liquid than with the other ones but it was no problem. I used two coats. Oh and before I forget to tell you - they dry so quickly, it's amazing!

Do you like the colours? How much Essie polishes do you have? Do you like them? Tell me!
Have a nice evening. ;)

xo, Kate

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