Thursday, January 26, 2012

me, myself & eye

Hey lovelies!

Look what I got in the mail the other day:
The Sleek PPQ Me, Myself & Eye divine mineral based eyeshadow palette.
Phew, quite a title :D But so lovely!
The palette is super versatile as it contains both neutral and very vibrant colors!

The colors all have really fun names :)

First row:
Barry White, Black Box, Salt 'n' Peppermint, Simply Red, Pink Beret, Primal Green
Second Row:
Fade to Grey, Blue Monday, Supernova, Chris de Burgundy, Lilac Allen, Golden Silvers

As you can see most colors are very pigmented, the only exceptions are Pink Beret & Supernova and to some degree Chris de Burgundy. They're still very pretty, and work great together for a more understated daytime look. All other colors are very pigmented, especially the metallic ones! They can be used for full on crazy looks as well as subtle hints of color if you're verrry careful and only use a little bit of eyeshadow.

Here's just two looks I've used this palette for recently.
For the first one I applied Pink Beret on the inner half of my lid and along the lashline and then blended Salt 'n' Peppermint into the crease, the outer half of the lid and among the lower lashes.
For the second look I applied Golden Silvers in the inner corner, Primal Green over most of the lid and Blue Monday as a winged liner and beneath my lower lashes.

What do you think of this palette?
It's my first Sleek palette and I really like it. The price (~10€) is really fair and the quality of the eyeshadows seems great so far!

xo, Lizzy

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