Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ombre hair

Hey lovelies!

So sorry we've been quiet forover a week now, but our finals are coming up and we have soo much stuff to do.

Lately I've been really bored with my hair, I liked the color but it was just so monotone. I decided to try something new and go ombre. Now, I've been coloring my own hair for years and I figured I'd manage this as well :)

I used two of the Garnier Highlight Sets (4 and then 1+) which should be available at most drugstores and are pretty cheap.
Here's a step by step tutorial how to create the ombre look on your own hair:

1│ prepare. brush out any knots that might be in your unwashed (!) hair, it also helps to dampen it a bit

2│ highlight. use the little brush thingy to create strands starting at the eye level and bring them down

3│ knead it in. put some of the bleach into your hands and work them into the tips of your hair, up until your chin. make sure to kind of blend it out, so you can avoid having harsh a harsh color difference

4│ let it rest. the mixture dries rather quickly and then you can just put it up. stick to the time in the instructions!

5│ check it. you will notice your hair getting lighter so if you think it's enough, wash it out even if you're still ahead of time.

6│ wash it. wash out all of the product and dry your hair with an old towel

7│first results. even when your hair is still wet, you can already see which parts are light and which might still need some bleach

8│ repeat. if you use two sets of color, here's where you use the second one. highlight your tips even more, add some extra light streaks around your face and repeat steps 2-6 :)

That's it, pretty simple, huh? With the two different colors, washing etc, this took me maybe 90min, definitely not more than that.

I really really love how this turned out, my hair looks so much warmer and especially in the sun it's quite colorful! It's the perfect antidote for this cold and colorless season =)

xo, Lizzy


  1. You're hair turned out great! I love how soft and sweet it looks

  2. your eyebrows are beautiful!