Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hey lovelies!

There's so many things you can use to create nail styles, one of them is a sponge.
Many bloggers use makup sponges but you can just use one of those cleaning kitchen sponges as well. They create a slightly different (more rough) effect but they are so much cheaper!
Today I just quickly want to show you two different nailstyles I recently did using a sponge.

It's really simple!
Just cut off little bits of an old sponge and dab it into a drop of nailpolish. Dab it onto your nails and that's basically it :) Don't forget adding a topcoat!

This is a variation of that galaxy nail trend that's been going around the internet lately. I only did the tips of my nails though. I started with a dark blue nailpolish and then layered a light grey, white and a silvery shimmer polish. Apply a topoat and carefully remove the excess polish :)
[ Essie - Midnight Cami │ OPI - Skull&Glossbones │ Catrice - Snow Motion │ Essence  - Ready To Be Bitten ]


You can also use the sponge method to create ombre nails :)
Apply your base color all over and then start dabbing on your colors, covering just a little bit less of the nail with each coat.
[ Essie - Cocktail Bling │ OPI - Sparrow Me The Drama │ Chanel - Kabuki ]

What are your favourite tools for doing nail designs?
xo, Lizzy

Saturday, February 18, 2012

essie: dive bar & cute as a button

Hey lovelies!

You might have noticed we've been slightly obsessed with essie polishes lately :)
After Big Spender, Bobbing For Baubles, Sole Mate, Lilacism & Cocktail Bling here's two more:
Dive Bar & Cute as a Button.

These two have one thing in common: light changes their color completely! 

Dive Bar is super cool, the color is really hard to describe because there's so many :) essie calles it 'a mysterious blackest blue' with shimmer but there's so much more to it. The blue has this green tint to it, I'd maybe call it a dark teal, and when you hold the bottle directly into the light it shimmers in a warm purple. Plus there's the obvious silver shimmer. The color is just amazing :)

Cute as a Button is a very happy bright color. Again, essie says it's a 'juicy persimmon delight' and after looking up what a persimmon was, I think there's more to it :) In the light the polish is more pink rather than orange. You can see the big difference in the photo (one with and without flash). Most of the time, in natural light, the color is somewhere between pink and orange, yet still very vibrant and bright. Anyway, I think this is obviously a perfect spring to summer color but you really can wear it all year round :)

Have a super weekend!
xo, Lizzy

Thursday, February 16, 2012

MAC Naturally EOTD

Hey lovelies!

I just wanted to show you this quick eye make up I did a few days ago with two of the MAC eyeshadows I bought from the MAC Naturally LE - Summer Haze and Twilight Falls.

I just used the various 'veins' of the eyeshadows to create this look. Other than that I used Manhattan's Gel Eyeliner in black and Benefit's They're Real Mascara.
As soon as I'm able to wear full make up again, I will show you how the blush of MAC's Naturally LE looks worn.

I hope you have a nice evening!

xo, Kate

mini mac haul

Hey lovelies!

There's 2 MAC counters less than 10 minutes from where I work, let me tell you, that's dangerous, especially if there's time to spare waiting for the next train connection :)

Yesterday I couldn't resist and bought 2 eyeshadows and a lipstick I've liked for a while. They're all permanent colors!
The eyeshadows I got are Mylar and Print and the lipstick is called See Sheer.

almost red 
See Sheer is a lustre lipstick in a lovely dark coral color. I like it so much because it really makes your lips pop and stand out without being too harsh or extreme. The consistency is great, I really love the lustre finish! It's very creamy and smells good :) In this swatch it looks pretty sheer but if you look at the other picture further down in this post you can see that's only because of the flash. In reality the color has a good coverage without being too opaque. I think this would work on pretty much any skintone!

almost white
Mylar is a satin finish eyeshadow. I think I'd decribe the color as eggshell or off-white. I'm not quite sure about those names :D Anyway, it's a nice almost-white color with a white sheen in the light. I know it doesn't look like much in the swatches but it's a perfect color for highlighting those browbones, inner tearduct areas etc.

almost black
Print is also a satin finish, however it hardly has shine to it. The color is exactly that of those smudges you get from newspaper print, and it has a little bit of tiny silvery shimmer particles to it. It's great for creating shadow-y looks when you feel like black is too much.

Both are very silky and have all the usual great MAC qualities, Print is a bit better pigmented than Mylar, but they're both good :)

with flash / no flash
With these two eyeshadows I feel like I have gathered a nice neutral-ish every-day collection :)
What are your go-to daily colors?

xo, Lizzy

Saturday, February 11, 2012

glittery halfmoon nails

Hey lovelies!

Sorry I've been so quiet lately, but being sick during finals kept me busy.
I have a lot of ideas for photoshoots and makeup looks though, so I'll start working on them as soon as possible!

Today I just wanted to show you my nails of the day. I just played around a bit with the halfmoon technique which I never really use. I didn't have any of those circle nail stickers so I just used some painter's tape which works just as well :)

After applying a base coat I painted my nails all over with two coats of OPI's Designer... De Better (one of my absolute favourite polishes at the moment) and then taped off the 'circle' with tape. I applied one coat of My Private Jet over it and then let it dry before removing the tape. Instead of a clear boring top coat I used Feels So Good by essence, which adds that gorgeous pink shimmer.

I gotta admit I really like the result even though my halfmoons are uneven!
I'll be doing my nails like this more often now :D

Have you ever tried this halfmoon manicure trend?
xo, Lizzy

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Essie Big Spender

Hey lovelies!

Today, Lizzy and I were in the city just to look around and window-shop and we also visited Douglas. Again we were ranting about all those beautiful Essie nailpolishes and I bought two of them, School Of Hard Rocks and the unbelievably lovely shade Big Spender. Yeah I like the name too! ;)

Well, enough talk, I'll show you some pictures.

The colour is a red-violet and the polish has a cream finish. The application was easy with the new wide brush. On the picture I am wearing two coats of Big Spender and one coat of essence's better than gel nails top sealer.

Do you like Essie nail polishes? Do you own Big Spender?

Have a nice evening!
xo, Kate

Saturday, February 4, 2012

MAC Naturally

Hey lovelies!

Today a small black package arrived and I thought I would show what was inside, as it might be interesting for you. ;)

I'm totally in love with the sleek black packaging and the nice black matte paper sheets MAC is using. So classy!

First of all I only wanted to buy the two MSFs from the MAC Naturally LE, but I was too late. Unfortunately. But I think they would have been too similar, so it isn't a bad thing.
Instead I bought one of the Mineralize Blushes - "Early Morning" and two of the Mineralize Eyeshadows - "Summer Haze" and "Twilight Falls".

The blush "Early Morning" is really nice, the texture is so smooth, the colour payoff is amazing and I love the colour, it's a medium-dark coral-red with hints of pink.

The eyeshadow "Summer Haze" is a beautiful beige champagne with a metallic finish. The colour payoff is extremely good and the texture is nice too! A nice to-go eyeshadow for every day. :)

I'm so in love with "Twilight Falls". It's perfect, the name is amazing and the colour is gorgeous. It's something between taupe and brown with a good dash of grey and purple. The colour payoff and the texture are as nice as with "Summer Haze".

Do you like the Naturally LE? Have you bought anything? Tell me!

xo, Kate

Thursday, February 2, 2012

MAC Daphne Guinnes

Hey lovelies!

I know, long time - no talk and I am very very sorry for this. School is a mess right now and very stressful and I'm also having some problems with my skin, so it's kinda hard to take photos with any make up looks I created. :(

Nonetheless I wanted to show you two lovely ombre blushes by MAC I picked up about two weeks ago. I'm really late with this post as most of the products from this LE - the Daphne Guinnes LE are already sold out but you might be lucky and find some of them at MAC counters. Both of them are repromotes.

The first one I bought is Azalea Blossom. It has a light pink side and a lovely purple lilac side. The colour payoff is good but it's a light colour so you might pack on a little more product than usual. The texture is really smooth and it's easily blendable.

The swatches on my hand are swatches of the dark colour, the lighter colour and then both mixed together.

The other one is called Vintage Grape and this blush has a burgundy side and a dark pink side. I like the colour more than Azalea Blossom because it gives your cheeks a nice flushed look. The texture is also smooth and you really don't need much product but I'm afraid it's not that easily blendable as Azalea Blossom but it's still okay. :)

To show you how the blushes look on the cheeks I took a photograph wearing them. The left side is Vintage Grape and the right side is Azalea Blossom.

Do you like ombre blushes? Have you bought anything from the Daphne Guinnes LE?
Have a nice evening!

xo, Kate

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

catrice - million styles

Hey lovelies!

Do you love a nice top coat? We do!
CATRICE's new LE million styles contains eight of them! 8!
The concept reminds me a bit of the essence re-mix LE, only this one has double the amount of polishes :)
They will be in stores March / April.
Well, here they are:

I like them! They look really nice!
The polishes are:
C01 No Smoke Without Fire for a cool, smokey look on your nails
C02 Million Dollar Baby which provides glitter, glitter glitter
C03 Miss Money Penny covers your nails with a subtle golden shimmer
C04 Shake It! Flake It! creates a cool 3D gemstone look
C05 Return Of Space Cowboys guarantees a sparkling effect
C06 Godfather Of Pearl creates a soft pearly nail design
C07 ¿Holo QuĂ© Tal?! fabricates holographic, shimmery glitter pigments
C08 Have An Ice Day conjures a soft glittering ice-effect on your nails
[each polish will sell for 2,99€]

I really like the collection provided here! I'm especially intruiged by #5 :)

The cool thing about topcoats is that they can spruce up any nailpolish and allow you to create practically infinite looks :) Just imagine how they'd look over any of these basic polishes (and who says you can't apply them over a glitter polish?)!

Row 1:
030 Meet Me At Coral Island │ 060 Bloody Mary To Go
070 Caught On The Red Carpet │190 Wrapped Around My Finger
220 Lost In Mud │ 240 Sold Out For Ever
Row 2:
280 London's Weather Forecast │ 350 Hip Queens Wear Blue
360 Rasberryfields Forever │400 Blue Cara Ciao
410 Pool Party At Night │ 640 Grey's Kelly
Row 3:
670 It's Rambo No. 5 │ 690 Fred Said Red
700 Birdy Reloaded! │710 Dulce & Havanna
 720 Bruno Brownani │ 740 King Of Greens
Row 4:
770 Put Lavender On Agenda │ 790 The Pinky And The Brain
810 ACid/DC │820 Pimp My Shrimp
830 Salmon & Garfunkel │ 850 Aretha's R-E-S-P-I-N-K

Wow, that's a lot of puns at once :D

Back to the LE, what do you think?
Anything you're dying to try or do you think you're gonna skip this one?

xo, Lizzy