Saturday, February 18, 2012

essie: dive bar & cute as a button

Hey lovelies!

You might have noticed we've been slightly obsessed with essie polishes lately :)
After Big Spender, Bobbing For Baubles, Sole Mate, Lilacism & Cocktail Bling here's two more:
Dive Bar & Cute as a Button.

These two have one thing in common: light changes their color completely! 

Dive Bar is super cool, the color is really hard to describe because there's so many :) essie calles it 'a mysterious blackest blue' with shimmer but there's so much more to it. The blue has this green tint to it, I'd maybe call it a dark teal, and when you hold the bottle directly into the light it shimmers in a warm purple. Plus there's the obvious silver shimmer. The color is just amazing :)

Cute as a Button is a very happy bright color. Again, essie says it's a 'juicy persimmon delight' and after looking up what a persimmon was, I think there's more to it :) In the light the polish is more pink rather than orange. You can see the big difference in the photo (one with and without flash). Most of the time, in natural light, the color is somewhere between pink and orange, yet still very vibrant and bright. Anyway, I think this is obviously a perfect spring to summer color but you really can wear it all year round :)

Have a super weekend!
xo, Lizzy


  1. I have the "cute as a button" too. And I love it! That's true, with flash light it's orange and in natural light - pink. But in both light - super cute! :)

  2. I love the Essie compares CAAB to a juice persimmon- they're yummy! It is so cute isn't it! The top one kind of reminds me of Chanel's Blackpearl.

  3. Dive Bar is so beautiful! I consider buying a backup because I'm wearing it so much.