Thursday, February 16, 2012

mini mac haul

Hey lovelies!

There's 2 MAC counters less than 10 minutes from where I work, let me tell you, that's dangerous, especially if there's time to spare waiting for the next train connection :)

Yesterday I couldn't resist and bought 2 eyeshadows and a lipstick I've liked for a while. They're all permanent colors!
The eyeshadows I got are Mylar and Print and the lipstick is called See Sheer.

almost red 
See Sheer is a lustre lipstick in a lovely dark coral color. I like it so much because it really makes your lips pop and stand out without being too harsh or extreme. The consistency is great, I really love the lustre finish! It's very creamy and smells good :) In this swatch it looks pretty sheer but if you look at the other picture further down in this post you can see that's only because of the flash. In reality the color has a good coverage without being too opaque. I think this would work on pretty much any skintone!

almost white
Mylar is a satin finish eyeshadow. I think I'd decribe the color as eggshell or off-white. I'm not quite sure about those names :D Anyway, it's a nice almost-white color with a white sheen in the light. I know it doesn't look like much in the swatches but it's a perfect color for highlighting those browbones, inner tearduct areas etc.

almost black
Print is also a satin finish, however it hardly has shine to it. The color is exactly that of those smudges you get from newspaper print, and it has a little bit of tiny silvery shimmer particles to it. It's great for creating shadow-y looks when you feel like black is too much.

Both are very silky and have all the usual great MAC qualities, Print is a bit better pigmented than Mylar, but they're both good :)

with flash / no flash
With these two eyeshadows I feel like I have gathered a nice neutral-ish every-day collection :)
What are your go-to daily colors?

xo, Lizzy

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