Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hey lovelies!

There's so many things you can use to create nail styles, one of them is a sponge.
Many bloggers use makup sponges but you can just use one of those cleaning kitchen sponges as well. They create a slightly different (more rough) effect but they are so much cheaper!
Today I just quickly want to show you two different nailstyles I recently did using a sponge.

It's really simple!
Just cut off little bits of an old sponge and dab it into a drop of nailpolish. Dab it onto your nails and that's basically it :) Don't forget adding a topcoat!

This is a variation of that galaxy nail trend that's been going around the internet lately. I only did the tips of my nails though. I started with a dark blue nailpolish and then layered a light grey, white and a silvery shimmer polish. Apply a topoat and carefully remove the excess polish :)
[ Essie - Midnight Cami │ OPI - Skull&Glossbones │ Catrice - Snow Motion │ Essence  - Ready To Be Bitten ]


You can also use the sponge method to create ombre nails :)
Apply your base color all over and then start dabbing on your colors, covering just a little bit less of the nail with each coat.
[ Essie - Cocktail Bling │ OPI - Sparrow Me The Drama │ Chanel - Kabuki ]

What are your favourite tools for doing nail designs?
xo, Lizzy

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