Saturday, April 21, 2012

love OPI ?!

Hey lovelies!

Here the first load of stuff I got in the States: a few OPI polishes.
I mean, I have a couple of them so there's nothing all that new and exciting about the laquers per se but I just have to say: how cheap!! Here in Germany we pay 16€ for one bottle while I bought these for $8.50/$9.50.. I mean that's just unfair.
Moving on.. I picked out three shades in some supermarket (Duane Reade I think) and one glitter polish at Sephora.

The three OPIs I picked are Russian Navy, Pompeii Purple & Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI? and then I just had to buy Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild from the Sephora by OPI line.

Russian Navy
is a dark metallic blue with purple undertones and silver shine. With just one coat you can see a green-teal undertone but that vanishes with the second coat. Pompeii Purple is a bright hot pink but it has a blue shimmer to it which makes it really interesting. Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI? is from the newest LE and the lavender purple comes with a gorgeous golden shimmer, it's very cute. All three are standard OPI quality, apply smoothly and achieve great coverage on the second coat.

Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild
is a glitter topcoat. The polish itself is very very sheer but tinted purple. As you can see, you can also wear it without a base color and it builds up well when applying multiple coats. The glitter is mainly purple but some of it shimmers blue, pink or silver. I haven't tried any other polishes from this line, but based on this one I'd say the quality matches the normal OPIs.

Out of curiosity, how much are OPIs where you live?
Do you still buy them, even though they're so expensive? -I do. :)
xo, Lizzy

Thursday, April 19, 2012

NYC haul

Hey lovelies!!

Kate already mentioned it, I'm back! I spent the last 16 days in the amazing New York City and obviously I did a fair deal of shopping there :)
So for now I'll just show you some of the stuff I got (minus the make-up which deserves a bunch of extra posts) even though I really didn't buy that many clothes.

I got this stuff at the outlet in Jersey Gardens so it was pretty cheap. The shirts were $8 each and the pyjama bottoms $15. I couldn't resist getting Thumper ($8.50) and I just fell in love with the Wonder linen spray, even though it was $16.50, it just smells soo lovely!

Victoria's Secret:
I love this big bag from PINK, it's pretty sturdy and fits all of my stuff for school easily enough and would also be perfect as an overnight bag (I think it was $32). The blue sweater says PINK in a grey leopard print on the back and is just super cozy (I believe this was about $20 at the outlet) and the pyjama bottoms are so cool, they look super fancy with their ornament print plus glitter and they even have some lace-y trimming ($15 outlet). I got some more delicate stuff too, which I won't show, but look at the bag - so cute! And I have to say, I just love their service!

I didn't get much there because the neon-trend and cropped shirts aren't really my thing but I do like this skirt (sale $8.50) as well as the kimono-style blouse (sale $9.99). I also love those cute flowery-aviator shades and I got another top which I forgot to photograph because I was wearing it ^^

I absolutely loved the NBC store at the Rockefeller, it's absolutely perfect for a geek like me! I picked up some other stuff as well but these Friends shirts are definitely some of my new favourites ($25 each).

I considered picking up some new shoes but I didn't want to add the extra weight to my already oh-so-heavy suitcase, so I settled for this large weekend-y bag (a little over $30), two shirts ($10 each) and some bright shoelaces ($1.99 each).

other than that:
I couldn't resist getting one tourist-y I♥NY sweater and picked up this bright blue one on the street for $15. The ballet flats are from Laira Rowe at Jersey Gardens and cost $12. The plate ($6) I got at some kitschy store somewhere around Penn Station, I think it was called Joey.

So that's most of the stuff I got, other than the make-up of course :)
Stay tuned for that! I bought quite a lot and brought home a whole bunch of stuff for Kate as well, so you can look forward to a lot of posts! Plus, we have a giveaway coming up pretty soon :)

xo, Lizzy

coming up:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Small DM Haul + Lizzy is back!! (:

Hey lovelies!

Today Lizzy got back from her trip and other than handing me over the amazing things she brought along, we went to our local DM and looked for new limited editions. :D

I picked up three things I wanted to show you, a nail polish from Essie, the lip and cheek pot from the new Essence limited edition and one of the lipsticks from Manhattan's recent limited edition.

The nail polish from Essie is called 'Luxedo' and although it's not a colour for spring, I really like it! Essie calls it the 'deepest plum' and I have to agree with that. The colour is very dark and in bad lighting you might think it's black on your nails, but other than that I love it. The consistency is good and I'm wearing two coats on the picture.

Another thing I bought was the lip and cheek pot from Essence's limited edition Rebels. The colour is 01 Peach Punk and it reminds me of Bobbi Brown's famous pot rouge. Unfortunately my pot seems to have perspirated and I think this might have happened because of the consistency. The product is something between a gel and a cream formula, but it is really easy to apply and blend, so don't worry!

The last thing I picked up is this lipstick from Manhattan. It's from the Kiss Couture collection and has the awesome name 54S -.- I'm really sorry, but Manhattan...could you maybe be a little more creative with your names? Would be great, thanks. :D The formula is kinda slippery and doesn't last long but the colour payoff is really good. The colour is something between coral, orange and pink, a great choice for spring and summer. :)

Here's a picture for you where I'm wearing both lipstick and the blush. ;) I'm sorry for the hair, I'm kinda not feeling all too well today.

Have a nice evening!
xo, Kate

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Essie x3

Hey lovelies!

Yesterday I was at our local DM and as they have Essie for some weeks now, I picked up those three beauties:

* 20 Lovie Dovie - a perfect true flamingo pink
* 47 Sexy Divide - a bold deep purple with hints of shimmer
* 40 Demure Vix - an iridescent cocoa mauve

I'm really in love with Essie polishes, the new brush is great, the colours are amazing and the quality is perfect as well. You need two coats for all of them but they are definitely the nail polishes which stay longest on my nails. :D

I'm wearing Lovie Dovie right now, but I'll show you the other two as soon as I wear them. ;)

Do you own any Essie nail polishes? Do you like them?

xo, Kate

FOTD MAC Shop&Drop

Hey lovelies!

I just wanted to quickly show you my face of the day and the products I used. :)

The products I used:

* Artdeco Eyeshadow Base
* Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Permanent Taupe all over my lid
* MAC Shop&Drop Palette Hypnotizing and Shop&Drop to line my eyes
* Manhattan Gel Eyeliner in black to tightline
* Benefit They're Real
* MAC blush Mocha on my cheeks
* MAC lipglass in Emancipation on my lips

I hope you like it!

xo, Kate