Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MAC Lustre Drops

Hey lovelies!

Long time - no read. I am really sorry for this, but I have been really busy with school and stuff, soon I'll have my finals and I need to study but nonetheless I wanted to show you some things. (:

About a week ago I ordered MAC's Lustre Drops after I saw a great review on Kate's Blog. First I just ordered the shade Pink Rebel but as I've been really amazed by them I also ordered Sun Rush and it is just as amazing as Pink Rebel.

I use Sun Rush mostly to mix it with my foundation to just give my skin a healthy glow and for it to not look so dull. And Pink Rebel I use as a highlighter on my cheekbones, cupid's bow etc.

The formula is really nice and light and not sticky at all because it's water-based and the wear is good on my skin. :)

Both of them are limited edition but not launched with one of the current limited editons from MAC. They are also a relaunch.

Did you buy one of those bronzer/highlighter fluids?

xo, Kate

Saturday, May 26, 2012

bloomingdales haul

Hey lovelies!

So this is the last part of my NYC haul. (click for the rest of it: 1, 2 , 3, 4) I did buy some other things like a bunch of lotions from Bath&BodyWorks but since I can't swatch those and scent is very hard to describe, I'm not even gonna bother posting them here :) I also got UD's Naked2 but since Kate now has both palettes I'll leave the swatching and comparing up to her.

Most of these things I got at Bloomingdales, which makes them even more special to me :)
They cost the same as in any other store but it was so cool buying them there!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Hi lovelies!

So this is another part of my NYC haul :) Inglot eyeshadows, yay! I've been wanting to try these for a long time, but like many awesome brands they're not available here. I didn't even remember looking fot Inglot while I was there until I randomly stumbled across a store (right across the street from the back entrance of the m&m store on times sqare) and I got soo excited! My friends went to ..idk some clothing store and I spent that time being amazed by the awesome collection and system!
It's called the Freedom System and you really do have a LOT of options! First you choose your palette. I picked this one which fits 5 eyeshadows. There were some other ones for only 3 shadows, or 2 and a blush, or 10.. I don't remember them all but they sure had something for everybody. I think this palette was 11$ and then 5$ for each shadow. The cool thing is that the entire system works with magnets. The shadows are held in magnetically and the lid of the palette is also held by magnets. So fun!

There's a LOT of different colors and absolutely all of them were amazing! I remember this matte bright yellow which had the most unbelievable color payoff ever.. it was absolutely impossible to decide which colors to buy, but I wanted a palette where all the colors go together and settled on purple because I don't have that many shadows in that hue.

Unfortunately the shadows at Inglot don't have names. The ones I picked are the numbers 491, 494, 325, 22 & 346. They all have pretty good color payoff, especially 494 which is super intense! The other ones don't swatch super well but they work great when you apply them with a brush over a base.
I was actually pretty content with my palette and didn't want to spend any more money, but.. you know how it is :D I saw this gorgeous peach eyeshadow and I've been looking for one like this anyway so I decided to take it as well. This was 12$ and the pot is pretty big. The color is 361 and this has a matte finish (love!).
I really really love this eyeshadow! It's so perfect for summer time. It's fresh and happy :D I've also used it as blush a couple of times which works great. It is very pigmented and has a lovely silky texture.

So what do you think? Have you tried Inglot? Or is it even available where you live?
xo, Lizzy

PS: Sorry the lighting in these photos is different in each one! I'm working on building a better set-up..

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Hey lovelies!
This is just a super short on-the-go post.
Basically it's just a question:

What do you like to match your makeup with?

Do you just put whatever color you want on your eyes or do you look for a matching color somewhere else in your look?

I usually like to find a match.
Today for example I'm wearing a gray top so my nailpolish and eyeshadow are also gray. My sweater's black so I'm wearing black shoes and my earings and ring are both aquamarine/silver.

Is that weird? :D
I guess most of us have quite the collection of eyeshadow/liner/.. colors, so I'd really like to know how you pick one!

I gotta go now, Kate and me are going to see The Avengers (for the second time) with some friends :)
xo, Lizzy


Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Urban Decay Naked 2
- Tease (blended along the crease and applied to inner corner and inner half of lower lid)
- Verve (applied to inner 2/3 of eyelid and outer half of lower lid)
- Pistol (blended over outer half of the lid and into the outer crease)
- Busted (blended lightly into the outer part of the crease)
Max Factor Kohl Kajal 090 Natural Glaze (lower waterline)
Manhattan Gel Eyeliner Long-Lasting Black (thin winged line)
Benefit They're Real Mascara
OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jesse's Girl

Hey lovelies!!
So, do you know Jesse's Girl nailpolishes? They're awesome :D

I first heard about them on JulieG's youtube channel and I've been wanting to try them. Unfortunetely they're not sold in Germany but when I saw them in a store in New York I couldn't resist getting a few, they're pretty cheap (3$) after all and I'd only heard good things :)