Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jesse's Girl

Hey lovelies!!
So, do you know Jesse's Girl nailpolishes? They're awesome :D

I first heard about them on JulieG's youtube channel and I've been wanting to try them. Unfortunetely they're not sold in Germany but when I saw them in a store in New York I couldn't resist getting a few, they're pretty cheap (3$) after all and I'd only heard good things :)
So these are the colors I picked:

Yep, exactly like the YouTube Guru! She actually got to design this color last year, isn't that cool? The color is a lovely soft coral, I really like that this color is both fresh and summery yet not too out there, so you can also wear it on a more chic occasion. I applied two thin coats, they're not completely opaque but you can only see that on photo, in reality you'd never really notice that :)

This is a very lovely metallic blue which has a silvery sheen to it and some lovely purple shimmer. The color is VERY opaque and you can easily get away with just one coat!

I was surprised to see this polish ending up matte but I quite like it and even if not, it's always easy to add shine =) The purple is rather on the pink side and is a very cute summery color. Two thin coats give you a good coverage.

This is the only polish which isn't opaque at all. But the color is so lovely that I don't really mind :) The sheer purple polish is filled with purple and turquoise glitter which reflects silver-y. It's gorgeous! You can wear it alone or over any purple polish, it's pretty either way!

The name says it all, a lovely metallic gold. The base color's a bit darker and the shimmer a bit lighter but all in all it's just gold :D

The name is so perfect for this color! It's a happy crazy glitterbomb of a polish :) So hard to describe.. I'd say it's a dark turquoise with lighter blue and green glitter particles as well as silver shimmer, awesome! The coverage is not as good as I hoped but two coats are still enough.

Last but not least, check out this crazy pink! It's so incredibly neon, I couldn't resist. This polish also dries matte which is why you can see the spots where the polish is applied thinner. Again, I only used two thin coats, so if you apply it thicker it's perfectly opaque (I've tried it) and awesome! The color's not quite as orange as it looks on my nails but it has a little bit of an undertone.

That's it. What do you think?
In my opinion, Jesse's Girl is definitely a cool brand and I think I'll be ordering some more things online somewhere in the future :)
Have a great day!
xo, Lizzy

PS: Can you believe this is our 200th post already? Crazy :D

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