Sunday, June 10, 2012

Snow White

Hey lovelies!

I have to admit, I'm a huge sucker for everything fairytale, especially Snow White! So obviously I love the current essence LE :)
I got six of the polishes and the stickers. I think it's so cute that the Snow White polish is a larger bottle and the dwarfs' colors are small bottles!

A big thank you to Cosnova for providing me with these for free so I could review them for you!

Snow White

"Lips red as blood", that's exactly what this polish looks like! In the bottle the color looks a bit darker than on the nail but it's not overly bright. Seriously, blood red is the best description I can come up with, there's no unusual undertones or anything, just pure red. The polish is pretty opaque but I still used 2 coats. It applies smoothly and dries quickly. I should also mention that this one has a flat broad brush, like the Catrice polishes, while the small ones have the usual (also flat but thinner) essence brush. The only negative thing about this polish is that my nails were stained red (I didn't use a base coat) but that washed off pretty soon.


I love this blue! It's very vibrant. I've tried blues that looked similar (in the bottle) before but they usually turned out darker. Not this one! It's a very pretty cobalt blue and I'll be wearing this a lot this summer :) The polish is pretty thin, so two coats might not be enough but on the plus side there's absolutely none of that staining you often get from blue polishes!


This is seriously so orange it's crazy! It doens't really look like it on the photos or even in the bottle but this color is so vibrant! The polish is thicker than the blue one but not sticky, it still applies very nicely and as you can see it's pretty opaque. In these detailed photos you can sometimes see through the polish a bit but in reality no one would ever notice that :)


Now this polish is pretty interesting. On the first glance it just looks like a light mint/turquoise but if you look closely it has a cool blue sheen to it! I really like this and the name fits perfectly, it's so dreamy, I want PJs in that color please :D Again it applied very smoothly and has a good coverage.


Another really cool color! The lavender base color contains silver glitter particles which make this polish so dreamy :) Unfortunately the polish isn't very opaque so I'll probably wear this over a similar light purple or just use one coat and go for the light coverage on purpose :)

Prince Charming

This is one of the tree topcoats the collection offers and I really really like it! Similar to Dopey it has silver glitter particles but aditionally there's some vibrant blue bigger flakes which make this very fun. As the base color is clear you can wear this alone or over any color you want. As you can see it looks pretty cool on both dark and light base colors so there's really no combination that won't look great =) I'd recommend using thin coats and letting it dry for a long(er) time (than usual) but other than that, this is a great topcoat!

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho

Sadly these stickers are the only thing that disappointed me a bit. I was really looking forward to them but most of the motives are blurry and the ones under the cardboard (I used those first) somehow faded. They're a bit thicker than the usual nail stickers (up next) but that wouldn't be that bad because they still last very well (even without a topcoat). That's definitely a plus for all the essence nail stickers I've tried, they're pretty undestructable. Even if you remove your nailpolish, the sticker stays on, until you scratch it off.

I also got some of the 'regular' french glam tattoo stickers for comparison.

French Forever

These are pretty awesome. I've repurchased them a couple of times and I even prefer the new application they have. You used to have to pull them off the plastic and they'd sometimes get damaged but now they work like those rub-on tattoos for kids, which is a lot easier and neater. The sticker itself is the same and, like the LE ones, lasts forever :)

That's it :) All in all I really like this LE, even though the stickers aren't as cute as they could have been. I've mainly been wearing more expensive brands lately so I have to say I was positively surprised by these polishes! I will be looking out for the other two topcoats in the store, and I might have to get another dwarf or two.. we'll see =)

What do you think?
Will you be getting anything from this LE?
xo, Lizzy

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