Monday, July 30, 2012


Hey lovelies!

Today I got to test Artdeco's Magnetic Nail Lacquer in 45 magnetic night sky.

I had tried a magnetic nailpolish a while back and I didn't really like it, but this one I do :)

The set costs 9.95€ and already contains a magnet so you can get started right away. There's 8 colors so far and they're all pretty metallic hues.

The color I used is a lovely dark metallic blue with silver particles. When you use the magnet the blue and silver pigments separate.

The magnet has a little rounded help to make it easier not to touch the nail. The other brand I tried didn't have this little helper which made it really hard to keep the magnet in place long enough without messing everything up, but with this it's really really easy, you can almost do it with one hand :)

This is my result on the very first try, not too bad, right?

In the photos the polish looks a little lighter, like when you hold in into the light, in reality it's a bit darker, like in the bottle.
The separation of the stripes works really well and the polish itself is nice too, smooth application etc.
The only negative thing is, that it's not completely opaque, as you can see. You wouldn't really notice that normally but if you're bothered by that sort of thing you could easily just apply a normal nailpolish underneath.

Have you tried magnetic nailpolishes before?
What do you think of this trend?

xo, Lizzy

A big thank you to Artdeco for providing me with this product for free so I could review it for you!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

rock solid

Hey lovelies!

Let me tell you about one of my favourite finds lately - the essie rock solid base coat.

Now, I have to admit, I didn't really use base coats for a long time. It's just one more coat of polish that has to dry and I never really noticed the benefits. However, I only ever tried cheap ones.

My nails tend to break and get damaged easily which makes it hard to wear them long. The concept of hardening them has always intrigued me but I've never had any success in that area.

But neverthelesss, I decided to try again when I found rock solid.

The packaging calls it an ultra strenth base coat which is supposed to harden your nails by 30% in a week.
Well I don't know about the 30% but they do feel a bit less soft, even after the first use.

The polish is very thin, which I love, because this way you can easily apply a coat as thin as you want. Another plus: it dries very quickly - definitely a big selling point for a base coat, I think!

Oh and while the polish looks purple-ish in the bottle it's definitely a standard clear laquer, I'm thinking that hue comes from the bottle :)

Now, I did kind of hard-core test this polish, which is why I'm writing about this now
(just a base coat by itself doesn't really make for an interesting post).

I applied a thin coat of rock solid and then two thin coats of OPI Pompeii Purple.
That was on Friday morning.

Friday afternoon we were working in the garden. And when I write work, I'm talking litterally digging around in the dirt (mostly without gloves), hauling rocks, shoveling holes... (we're re-doing our koi-pond) Afterwards I obviously showered and then went out. Saturday was a lot more shoveling and digging and then another shower. Oh, and I had to rearrange my keychain inbetween, which means prying open those metal rings with your nails over and over. That's several hours of hard work, plus 2 showers plus the keychain, and this is what my nails looked like after all of that:

That's pretty damn awesome I'd say :)

As I'm right handed there's a tiny bit more chipping on my right hand but really not all that much.

So while (according to the packaging) the strengthening thing is this polish's most impressive feature, I'd say the durability it gives your nailpolish should definitely be right up there with it.

I've never tried any of the other essie base coats, but I'm sure they're all worth a try, just pick the one that fits your needs best.

Either way, I absolutely recommend this one!!

Have a lovely Sunday!
xo, Lizzy

Monday, July 23, 2012


Hey lovelies!

I stopped by the MAC counter today and wanted to get a new lipstick - just because :)

I have actually been looking for a nice red but I haven't quite decided on one yet so instead I ended up getting Syrup, a nice lustre finsih plum-y color.

The lipstick looks pretty dark in the tube but when you apply it, it's rather sheer. That's the beauty of the lustre finish :) I seriously like them best because their sheerness makes them so wearable and they aren't dry at all.

The color looks very cute yet the darker hint makes it kind of 'sophisticated' :D Either way it's really pretty!

What do you think?
Which MAC lipstick finish do you prefer?

xo, Lizzy

Sunday, July 8, 2012

little brush haul

Hey lovelies!

Tell me, what is your favourite brush-brand?

I used to use mainly cheaper brushes but lately I've been replacing mine with high(er)-end ones. I got those two MAC brushes in NY, but I didn't find the kind of foundation brush I wanted there, so I ended up finally ordering from Sigma.
I had heard only good things about their brushes before (especially because I really love TiffanyD's videos and she swears by them) but unfortunately they're not available here. So I had to order them online which took forever (like everything that comes from the US..) and was a teeny bit annoying (customs..) but then I finally got them and I'm so happy :D

I only ordered 3 brushes, because I wanted to try them first and was running a little low on money at the time :D

  • The first one I got is the large powder brush. The F30 is a nice big fluffy brush which is perfect for applying powder all over the face. It's dense enough to be precise but can also cover larger areas.
  • My new favourite brush is the F82. This round kabuki has about a diameter of 3cm (at the end of the bristles) and because the bristles are rather short and so dense it doesn't spread out that much. The brush is super soft and I absolutely love it for buffing out foundation and concealer. The brush is a bit shorter (15cm in total) which makes it really handy and also good for travel. I really really love this brush!
  • Last but not least, I've been wanting this flat definer brush. The E15 is really nice for applying liner or eyeshadow along the lashlines and really wiggling it between them. I have a few angled brushes but I really wanted a straight one. The bristles are also really soft, so you can use this on your waterline without your eyes getting irritated. 

I have to say, these brushes are really great quality and I kinda regret not ordering more of them, I'll definitely check out Sigma first when I need new brushes again :)

With the brushes I was sent this sample of one of their eyeshadows. Sigma doesn't sell single shadows but they do have palettes (Flare, Dare and Bare if i remember that correctly, oh and the limited Paris one) which look pretty cool. I got this sample of Shine which is a brilliant black with blue-ish silver glitter. It's very pigmented and looks fantastic, love it!

That's it. Have you ordered from Sigma before? I'll definitely do it again!

xo, Lizzy