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comparing eyeshadow primers

Hey lovelies!

This is a post I've been wanting to write for quite a while but somehow it took me forever to finally get around to it. Kate came by today and together we took the photos for a few posts :)

First up is a comparison of a bunch of eyeshadow primers!
Even though I own all of these and I always have some sort of favourite (which sometimes changes) I never did a direct comparison to see which one is actually the best... till now!

The primers we compared are: (from left to right)
Too Faced - Shadow Insurance (SI)
Urban Decay - Primer Potion (UD)
Artdeco - Eyeshadow Base (Art)
MakeUpFactory - Eye Shadow Base (MF)
Alverde - Eyeshadow Base (Alv)

We wanted to compare primers from different price-ranges, so we chose the most popular and kind of expensive ones (Too Faced / Urban Decay), and lined them up with two mid-range primers (Artdeco / MakeUpFactory) and a cheap one (Alverde).

Except for the MakeUpFactory primer, which is a light yellow color, that brightens the lid, all of these are skin colored products. The Too Faced, Urban Decay and Artdeco primers all are a bit shimmery but the last one is the only one where the glitter-ish particles are still visible after even some of the shadow has worn off (check the 4th picture in the GIF below to see what I mean).

The eyeshadows we applied for this test are mac - zingy (a matte high-end shadow) and essence - disco diva (a cheaper metallic shadow) to see if there was any difference there.

The Too Faced, Urban Decay and Alverde primers all have the same creamy-liquid(er) consistency while the potted bases are drier. The MakeUpFactory primer is rather smooth and creamy while the Artdeco one is the stickiest and driest of these five.

Lets talk about the packaging:
As you can see there's a basic difference between potted primers and ones in tubes. Generally the potted primers are drier. I prefer primers in a tube because it's easier to get the exact amount you need and they don't dry out that quickly. I also think it's more hygenic. Even when you have a tube there's still a difference between the Shadow Insurance and the Primer Potion which comes with a wand. It might seem a little easier to apply the shadow to a specific area with the wand (which is similar to the applicator of a lipgloss) but you still need to blend it with your fingers anyways. Personally I prefer putting a bit of the primer on my fingertip and then dabbing the fingers together (my two pointer fingers or ring fingers) to make sure I have the same amount of primer on both fingers. This way you'll have the same amount on both eyes.
As far as potted primers go I prefer the packaging of the MakeUpFactory primer over the Artdeco one because the lid is attatched to the pan and it's easier to just pop it open instead of screwing off the lid completely, also the pan of the Artdeco primer is relatively small and deep so you have to really dig in there which can be messy.

Would you look at that GIF (never made one before *proud*) :D
So this is how our little test went:
1. I applied the eyeshadows with a brush over the primers which I just dabbed on with my pointer finger.
2. First step of the test was holding my arm under luke-warm running water for about 5 seconds. None of the primers had a problem with that, only the liner I used to draw on the grid got a bit runny :)
3. Next I simply pressed on a tissue to dry the water off, again, no big difference here.
4. Now after that I took my tissue again and rubbed over the shadows (pretty hard) and this is where they started to wear off. Interestingly enought the color of the (cheaper) metallic shadow faded first but the silvery shimmer outlasted even the (expensive) matte shadow (on the cheaper primers).
5. This is where we aggressively attacked the colors :) I rubbed over the shadows with eye makeup remover on a cotton pad and as you can see most of the color vanishes at that point, only the three primers on the left still show color from both eyeshadows.
6. Last I went over everything with waterproof makeup remover (one with oil in it) which got rid of the last traces of color.

What we think overall:
The Alverde primer didn't really hold up to our standards and while we both bought it before we owned the other ones, we didn't use it again after seeing how great the more expensive primers hold up in comparison. If you want to spend as little money (this retails at 2,45€) as possible, this is an okay product but we both think it's worth investing a little bit more.
Which leads us to the MakeUpFactory base. The website calls it an eye lift corrector and suggests applying it on your under-eye area. In my experience this product isn't that great as a traditional eyeshadow primer because it doesn't really prevent creasing but I do like the brightening effect it provides. I'm not sure about the exact price of this but I think it was approximately the same as the Artdeco base.
The Artdeco eyeshadow base is a very popular choice amongst German beauty-girls. At 7,80€ it has a fair price and the pot lasts a very long time. Personally I'm not a big fan of the sticky consistency but the result of this base is very good. Once it's on, your look will definitely last all night!
What do we think about the Urban Decay and Too Faced primers? To us, and in our test, they're really very similar. With 17€ (UD) and 16€ (TF) they cost almost the same and the feeling/result of using them is very close as well. It basically comes down to personal preference and which packaging you like better because both are really good. I like how they are thinner than the Artdeco base and easier to blend but that's just me, Kate prefers Artdeco :)
Duration-wise Too Faced, Urban Decay and Artdeco are very similar and all really great!

What is your favourite eyeshadow primer?
xo, Lizzy

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