Monday, September 17, 2012

new essence nailpolishes

Hey lovelies!

I finally got around to testing the new and improved essence nailpolishes so I wanted to show you a little comparison between the old and new packaging.

I have to say I really appreciate the packaging! It's much more comforable to work with and you even get more product. The old bottle was fairly small with 5ml while the new one holds 8ml. I also like the bigger cap (is that what you call it?) as it is easier to hold, especially because it's not entirely round but a oval. I guess the biggest improvement is the new brush, which is wider (from the photo I'd say almost twice as wide as the old one) and more importantly it's rounded! I love a rounded brush, it makes it so much easier to get even results.

More photos of the new nailpolish after the jump :)

The color I tried here is called 132 break through and it's a lovely purple with tiny golden glitter particles. It's a solid nailpolish, mostly opaque after the second coat, but also pretty with only one. It applied evenly and has a nice shiny finish.

Have you tried the new packaging - like it?
I think it's definitely an improvement and even though they're cheap, and the quality can't quite hold up with  Essie or OPI, these nailpolishes are worth a try when you don't want to spend a lot of money, especially on unusal colors or something like that :)

xo, Lizzy

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