Monday, March 18, 2013

MAC blush & powder / haul

Hey lovelies!

I haven't been buying much stuff lately but I did pick up these two at MAC the other day :)
I've been wanting to try the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural for a while and then - of course - I had to check out the current LE as well. From what I had seen online I already liked that blush, Cream Soda, but I didn't plan on buying it because I figured it wouldn't show up on my skin. The nice assistant in the store applied it on my cheeks, because she was curious as well, and I really liked the result.

I originally looked at this blush because I thought it might go into a similar direction as My Highland Honey (which is one of my absolute favourites) without being quite that orange. That ended up being pretty much true. Cream Soda is a rather subtle blush, which makes it perfect for everyday. It's peachy color is very flattering and gives you a nice healthy glow without looking over the top. It has a satin finish, I like that :) I don't really like blushes that contain any glitter but matte products can be rather intense and hard to work with. Satin is kind of perfect that way, especially with a lighter color such as this. It doesn't show up super intense at first but it can be built up well. This way it's hard to over-do your blush and allows you to get just the intensity you want! Also its finish is a bit glowy, without any glitter or super intense shine - it makes you lool healthy :)
The blush is really soft and creamy so a very light touch with your brush is enough to pick up a fair amount of product. You definitely don't need to go and swirl around your brush in it, because that would just cause a lot of product to fly away and go to waste - almost happened to me :D

Before picking the blush I was looking at the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural for the millionth time. I've tried lots of different finishing powders, and I've just never been a hundred percent satisfied. There's a bunch of products I really liked but never enough to re-buy it after finishing it up. I always end up trying something new. This time from MAC :)


Like I said, I have tried many different powders before I finally picked up the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. I'm really liking it so far! It's on the softer side so you only need to use your brush lightly to get a good amount of product. The powder itself works like a charm! It's always a balance act between super matte products, which end up looking dull and cakey, and not-matte-enough ones, which you could just skip because they don't help at all when it comes to reducing the shine on your skin. Sure, any finishing powder helps setting your makeup but, for me at least, getting rid of some of that shine is crucial. This powder does that beautifully. It's not that matte which makes it look so incredibly natural, but it still reduces your shine well enough.
I bought the shade Medium. First I was tempted to go a bit darker because it looked really light in the pan, but it's just perfect for me. Before buying a powder like this, which is undeniably a bit more expensive, ask the sales assistant about the shade you need, and when in doubt, choose the lighter shade! You can always darken it up with a bit of bronzer but using a powder that's too dark for you will never look good. =) (Oh and you should always try to match the color to the skin on your neck, never your hands because they're always darker as you can see from my swatch below!)

Have any of you tried the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural? Did you like it?
Oh and did you get anything from the Archie's Girls LE? =)

xo, Lizzy

PS: I'm sorry I didn't include any photos of me wearing the products, I'm sick at the moment and don't really want to show my face :D But I'll make sure to include them in a look soon!


  1. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a Bonlook sunglasses giveaway if you'd like to check it out! xx

  2. Hallihallo,

    der Blush gefällt mir sehr gut :)

    schöne Ausbeute ;)

    Mir gefällt dein Blog echt gut, habe ihn eben erst entdeckt!


    oxx, Katrin

  3. huhu :) leih mir deinen freund als mückenfänger doch fürs nächste grillfest aus :D LG Summer

  4. Ich mag dein Header!super schön ;)

    schau doch mal vorbei, würde uns freuen

  5. Sieht auf jeden Fall vielversprechend aus! Und MAC ist doch sowieso immer super! :)

    Liebe Grüße,
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