Monday, March 18, 2013

MAC blush & powder / haul

Hey lovelies!

I haven't been buying much stuff lately but I did pick up these two at MAC the other day :)
I've been wanting to try the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural for a while and then - of course - I had to check out the current LE as well. From what I had seen online I already liked that blush, Cream Soda, but I didn't plan on buying it because I figured it wouldn't show up on my skin. The nice assistant in the store applied it on my cheeks, because she was curious as well, and I really liked the result.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

p2 Sand Style Polish

Hello lovelies!

It's been half a year since we posted anything and we're very sorry about that, but we want to make a fresh start with a completely new blog layout and some new products.
Of course we didn't stop using make up at once, we still bought and tried new stuff and we will surely show you all those amazing things. :)
Today I want to show you a nail polish I bought together with a few other colours yesterday - the newly launched p2 Sand Style Polish.

Monday, September 17, 2012

new essence nailpolishes

Hey lovelies!

I finally got around to testing the new and improved essence nailpolishes so I wanted to show you a little comparison between the old and new packaging.

I have to say I really appreciate the packaging! It's much more comforable to work with and you even get more product. The old bottle was fairly small with 5ml while the new one holds 8ml. I also like the bigger cap (is that what you call it?) as it is easier to hold, especially because it's not entirely round but a oval. I guess the biggest improvement is the new brush, which is wider (from the photo I'd say almost twice as wide as the old one) and more importantly it's rounded! I love a rounded brush, it makes it so much easier to get even results.

More photos of the new nailpolish after the jump :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fiji & Island Hopping

Hey lovelies!
Is it just me or does Essie rarely announce their LE's? I never seem to know beforehand when they come out with something new.. but it's a nice surprise to walk into the drugstore and see they've come out with new colors - just happened again yesterday. I did not plan on buying anything but I just fell in LOVE with these two colors and could not resist. I think the LE is calles 'Best of Fashion', but I'm really not sure.. anyway I picked Fiji and Island Hopping, two gorgeous muted purple hues.

Island Hopping is a rich plum mauve with a glossy sheen, which applies really smoothly and evenly.  
Fiji is an opaque creamy pale pink. Imagine the lightest purple you can, really almost white - pretty!


Both colors are well pigmented - that's Essie for you :)
But I was really pleasantly surprised with Fiji because with most colors this light you really have to pack it on, but here it's really wearable with two good coats. I added a third to make it absolutely opaque for the photos but you can definitely get away with two! Island Hopping is awesome this way, too, because it applies so evenly that - even though it won't be opaque - you can absolutely wear one coat only and it will still look great!


What do you think?
I love these two, and their amazing quality is a bonus!
Couldn't decide which one to wear first, so I packed on both, works quite well - I think :D

xo, Lizzy