Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sunshine in a box

... a.k.a. on my way to finding the perfect bronzer.

Just now on my way home I wanted to take a quick peek to see if there's anything new at the drugstore. I must have had the perfect timing because the saleslady was just finishing up putting the new Manhattan LE "Luxopolis" on the shelf. The eyeshadows are nice but not really what I'm looking for, here's a picture though, in case you're interested [link].

There's also 2 new glosses but what I found most interesting was the bronzing powder. I've been pretty annoyed with the general concept of bronzers because I haven't been able to find one that really did it for me. So far I have had 3 different ones and none really worked for me.. 

Now these are the bronzers. From left to right:

  • p2 SunLOVE "endless summer mattifying bronzer" 010 sun express
  • p2 SunLOVE "sun beauty bronzer" 020 bronze dream
  • Manhattan "natural bronzing powder"
  • Manhattan Luxopolis bronzing powder 92F
Here's some swatches to make the comparison easier:

For me the sun express bronzer is too dark, too red and too matte. Even a teeny tiny amount makes you look crazy like you're dressing up as a Native American or something :) So I bought the bronze dream from the same collection. I thought the mix of brown and golden shimmery pigments might work but as you can see the brown doesn't show up at all so it's pretty much just gold. Not what you would want in a bronzer. Manhattan's natural bronzing powder has been okay but as you can see it is very light even though in its pressed form it's almost the same shade as the sun express. It has a bit of shimmer in it when you look at it but none of that seems to transfer onto your skin. The LUXOPOLIS bronzing powder however seems really great so far! It is dark enough to show up even on a summer tan, it has enough shimmer to make you glow but not so much you look like some glitter-obsessed doll :D I really like it!
, Lizzy

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