Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Take me to Coral Island

Last week a dear friend of mine [click for her blog] was lucky to receive a whole bunch of free make-up within the context of a product test. It was super nice of her to give me something too :)

She gave me an eyeshadow and a nailpolish from Catrice. I'd never actually gotten around to trying any of their make up but I really like these two products so I might go and get some more!

130 Sitting On A Volano
 First she gave me this eyeshadow. It's a lovely gunmetal grey with a metallic shimmer. Applied it really does look like metal, kinda gave me a tinman [Wizard of Oz] flashback :D I did two swatches for you, one with normal indoor light and one in the sunlight:

I like the eyeshadow, it is very shimmery and that might not be suitable for everyday looks but combined with for example a matte grey eyeshadow [e.g. MACs Scene] it can create very interesting facets!
The second product I got was this awesome nailpolish:

030 Meet Me At Coral Island

Honestly, it is amazing! I absolutely adore this colour! Perfect for the summer! In reality it's a tad less red than in the photo and a lot more vibrant! The polish itself is pretty liquid but with two coats you get good coverage. Unfortunatelly I don't know when this will be in stores, but when it is I do encourage you to have a look at that nailpolish :D

I wanna thank my friend again for bringing me these products! 
You're awesome =)

xo, Lizzy

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